"Paterno" starring Al Pacino on HBO-your reviews (SPOILERS)

I thought it was OKAY. It delivered what was advertised and what you really wanted to see: Al Pacino playing Al Pacino playing Joe Paterno, with props to the makeup and costume guy and good casting support.

He was good enough to distract from what really should have been important: how the Jerry Sandusky scandal was handled. I think the movie is like the Lucy-Charlie Brown field goal situation: juuuust when the movie gets you to excuse Joe Pa as a grouchy, out of touch, crotchety football coach (who didn’t even know what the word “sodomy” meant) . . . .the final scene is Lucy pulling the football out on the audience at the last second.

As an admitted and biased Penn State Hater, I applauded the ending. Penn St supporters will rip the film apart at its very last detail. You be the Judge.

saw the first half so far . When most coaches get to that age the assistants really run the show. That was the case with Bear Bryant . It was OK and you could tell it was HBO because they pulled no punches when talking about what happened with the kids.

I think it fell apart at the end. Pacino was great though.

That’s what happens when the coach is considered untouchable. Nobody cares about anything except winning. Even crime is brushed aside for the pursuit of wins.


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I had several issues with it.

The first being that Al Pacino’s portrayal of Paterno and Adam Sandler’s portrayal of Sandy Wexler are way too similar.

They never really showed us why Penn State loved Paterno. It wasn’t just that he won football games. Paterno comes off as an addled and rather unpleasant and uncaring man, as a coach, husband and father.

I loved the line from McGuinn that “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast,” is a lie people say when they actually do remember.

old joke - the coach asked the fans “Will you still love me if I don’t win?” The fans said “yes, and we will miss you too”

What on Earth are you talking about?

Oh…oh, THAT thing. Heh heh. Okay.

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the movie says Paterno knew about Sandusky way back in 1976. Did that come up in any of the trials? I can’t imagine the movie just made up that fact.

IIRC, there was testimony by a victim that he told Paterno around that time, and Paterno brushed him off.

I found it a little confusing with all the flashbacks and time-line jumping. But it did a good job of portraying Paterno as a doddering old man who just wanted to concentrate on football to the exclusion of everything else in the universe.

Found my source.

I don’t have HBO. Go ahead and spoil the fuck out of the ending for me, please!

This and the girls’ gymnastic scandals tell beyond a doubt that power and money will cause people to turn a blind eye to things that would otherwise outrage them. Hopefully, things are changing in that regard. Only time will tell.

I’m from local (Altoona, about an hour south of State College) and I actually lost a LOT of people I’d considered friends when this all blew up because I was insufficiently supportive of “Joe-Pa” while this was all being hashed out. All I’ve seen about this movie online has been Penn State fans complaining about how the movie got all the VISUAL details wrong (“Beaver Stadium doesn’t look like that!” “The Paterno statue never looked like that!” “There was no lion logo over Beaver Stadium at the time this happened!”)

It sounds to me that they can’t find much substantive to complain about, to be honest.

Hah! Some kind of “Free HBO” thing on DishTV this week, and I got to see it.

Meh… Timeline jumped around a lot, and they went pretty easy on him, I think.

That fucker knew all along.