Patrick Kennedy and the leeway available to police?

Yeah. The “line jumping” is what I meant when I said that the warship was diverted. I should have chosen my words better.

Also, I remember someone on this board saying that it is very unusual for family members to be present when ashes are scattered from a Navy ship. Normally, it’s just Navy officers.

And to actually address the OP: I sure as heck wouldn’t expect the cops to drive me home if they caught me driving while impaired. I’ve never even heard of such a thing, except as an unofficial perk of being a politically well-connected person.

I think that it’s the special Son of a President Protocol that let’s them get away with this. It’s right above the Grandson of a President Special Rule, and then the Cousin of a President Special Plan. These are all in the Double Secret Probationary Contingency book.

All American police have very broad latitude to handle situations on the street, using their best judgment, in accordance with the law.

IIRC, Congressman Kennedy was found and assisted by U.S. Capitol Police, who are (not surprisingly) unlikely to go all jackbooted-thuggish on one of their 535 bosses.

It wasn’t the policeman on the street who decided to drive Kennedy home. It was his supervisor, who was sitting behind a desk back at the police station. Big difference.