"patriot" ideology, odd legal arguments, and zip codes

Previous threads here have referred to two citations about tax protestors, “patriot” movement adherents, and assorted nutjobs.* These are Bernard J. Sussman’s Idiot Legal Arguments and Daniel Evans’ The Tax Protester FAQ.

These are fascinating documents. The arguments made are sometimes entertaining, sometimes baffling. Unfortunately, there is little context in these documents for the arguments or the ideology that underpins them (especially in Sussman’s doc.). If I had access to Lexis, I suppose I could find the actual case documents to answer that, but I don’t

One of these arguments that baffles me is one about refusing legal documents mailed with the Zip code. In a number of actions, people have refused to accept any document mailed to them that uses the ZIP code or that refuses to use their own self-imposed address format. For example:

Now, I get that these “patriots” believe that they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US federal government, and that part of this particular address attempts to convey that. But using Zip codes I don’t get. Do they think of Zip codes as analogous to the shrink-wrap licenses on software? Are there organizations that say by accepting mail with a Zip code you are agreeing to a contract with the “guv’mint”?

Anyone know the context or argument behind refusing Zip codes?

*These categories neither wholly overlap nor are wholly exclusive to each other.

I guess that accepting mail with a ZIP means you’re part of the US and thus under US Govt jurisdiction simply because the ZIP code scheme covers the entire United States. The ZIPs were introduced by the USPS (a federal government agency!) as a means to facilitate locating a particular address on US territory. If the states were sovereign, they surely wouldn’t need to take part in a US-wide postal code system.

Quite correct, I also refuse to submit to the dominion of Brown, so I refuse packages carrying UPS’s three-digit delivery code.

OK, so is there some organization that tells people that the Zip code is a magic Talisman of Loss of Personal Sovereignty (-5)?

Is this an organized campaign or just a word-of-mouth exurban legend?

I hadn’t hear of the ZIP code thing but it fits in with the myth propegated by many groups that US paper currency is invalid because the constitution only mentions coinage. “If I accept paper money I’m entering into a contract with the US government therefore I am subject to it.” Faulty logic but valid to some minds.

I bet they’re really afraid of the extra 4 digits, that is, theCitizen Relocation Codes.

I bet if they accept that mail, they flood the chamber.

I guess neither nor. Of course the postal codes on the mail you get don’t have any legal consequences, and I don’t think those patriots believe they have. It’s just a symbolical thing, and symbolism can sometimes weigh much more in matters of national pride and sovereignty and stuff than any legal things.