Patriot .jpg files in the public domain?

So I’m having friends over for the 4th of July, and thought that instead of the stupid music “visualizer” that kicks in on the screen, I thought I’d look for a file full of folders of free, public domain patriot-themes pictures to run as a slide show. People aren’t going to be in that room much, and if they’re standing around mingling, it’d be nice. Anybody have any ideas on where I could find such a thing?

Google Search-Patriotic clip art.

I like I use the pictures a lot for work. It’s free - you just need an account to see the pictures at their largest size.

When you click on a particular picture to see it at the small size, scroll down for “availability”. Some say that the user must be contacted before using their image for public work, but most just say “Standard restrictions apply” (which are listed here).

Hopefully you can find some images you like that. Even if you don’t for this situation, it might be useful in the future.