Patti Smith -- Best recent album? and Hey Joe

I loved Horses and Radio Ethiopia, didn’t like Easter or anything after that. But I lost touch with her work in the 90s and am not familiar with her work “post-comeback.” So which album from the 90s or later do you think is her best (assuming Horses was THE best)?

Also, I know there are mp3 versions of Hey Joe, but is it available on CD anywhere? I know I could burn one from mp3, but I was wondering if it was available uncompressed.

Horses was, of course, best. For recent albums I’m pretty fond of Gung Ho. I like Gone Again, which is mostly a grief album, and since I was grieving when it came out, it made a nice soundtrack. I don’t think Peace and Noise was very exciting. Dream of Life was awful. Land has two disks, one a compilation from earlier albums, one live tracks and other recordings. “Piss Factory” is on Disk 2. No “Hey Joe,” though the CDs of the earlier albums have some 45 tracks tacked on.

What Shoshana said, basically. I don’t much care for Peace and Noise, and I love Gung Ho. Gone Again is a very beautiful but mostly very sad album.

The only other Patti Smith albums I have are Easter (don’t like it at all) and, of course, Horses (ROCK!)

All right, I’m going out to get Gung Ho!

Let us know what you think.