Paul in Saudi: clarification, please

Theoretically, the punishment for drug smuggling is death (as is pointed out on the landing card you fill out when you enter the Kingdom).

OK. let me move back to a rearward line of defense. The Bible Guy was doing something that would have screwed up other people’s lives. My crimes are dangerous only to me.

As to why I would admit to such a thing. I suppose it is a combination of foolishness and mid-life crisis.

Just as an aside, are there any crimes that aren’t theoretically punishable by death? :confused:

Well, a few years ago (when I worked for the Saudi Navy) on of our (Saudi) marines got caught drunk on duty. So they took him to the parade ground next to the school and stripped off his shirt and proceeded to lash him.

The rules say you can only use a rod of a certain size, sort of like a willow branch. Further, the whipper can only move his arm with his arm firmly tucked to his side. They guy got forty lashes and took them well. The last lash was across his buttocks, that made him yelp.

We got very little teaching done the rest of the day.

checks to make sure The Mango isn’t watching

Ya’ know what else Paul did? He got an African Gray Parrot, name of Onan, that he knew he wouldn’t be able to bring home with him when he returns to the US of A. I wonder if Onan knows about this. I can’t imagine how sad he will be when his pet human, who he loves, hands him off to some stranger and says “Bye”.

The Mango is actually sympathetic to Paul, because she had to give up two cats that she really loved, (O’brien the budgie was friends with one of them, and was sad to see him go) and knows how much it hurts, but she also can’t see getting a companion animal that you know you will some day have to part with. But then, she also says that she would not want to get an animal that would outlive her, because she would rather lose her friend and be sad than wonder if the animal’s next human would love it as much as she did, share their food, etc. I find that kind of contradictory but, oh, hell, here she comes, bye…


Well, okay, then. Next time buy a convertible. :wink:

But converting is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia !

I have no idea what perspective this is written from or what exactly it means.

I think it’s written from the perspective of The Asbestos Mango’s pet bird.

I’m glad someone figured that out; I thought I was on drugs for a minute there.

I suppose that’s one rationalization. Some people might argue that drug dealing screws up other people’s lives. Even simple possession of illegal contraband implies that someone else screwed up by allowing you to smuggle it in, and that person might be held to account, as might anyone who knows about your possession. (Or, given the Saudis, any arbitrary person might be held to account.) Meanwhile, you said in the linked thread that Bible possession is not a crime, and that an individual may possess a Bible for his personal use. How therefore, if the Bible Guy gives a man a Bible, is he endangering the man? Moreover, it could be argued that getting people there to wise up and leave their country is doing them a great favor. Perhaps if more people there converted to liberal Christianity, atheism, or almost anything other than fanatical Wahhabism, they would improve their own lives by moving elsewhere. My point is that I wish you would rationalize that both laws are stupid, and that neither you nor the book guy did a bad thing.

Looks like finding bird doo on the keyboard when I’ve left the room with the computer turned on is the least of my worries…

Paul, I think maybe you should get rid of that cold medicine, and anything else that is illegal. Even if the penalty only turns out to be a few days in jail or a hefty fine, it just isn’t worth it.