Paul Krugman and "national competitiveness" - his view?

In 1996, Paul Krugman termed national competitiveness a “dangerous obsession.”

Does he still feel that way, or has his view evolved?

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those questions that sinks into obscurity without a single response, but if anyone can fight my ignorance on this one, thank you in advance.

ETA: cites would be much appreciated if you’ve got any.

For the interested, here is the original cite (I’m guessing):

Here is an economist recently citing Krugman to invalidate the competitiveness argument for national healthcare:

I see that plenty of people have cited Krugman, but I don’t have the time or journal access to read them. Barring more recent mention from the Nobel laureate himself, has anyone else come up with new statistics or math to counter? I get the impression that the field is redefining “competitiveness” to mean something else worth studying…