PaulFitzroy bites the dust?

Members are falling under the grim moderator scythe like wheat on a plentiful field & I can never see why when I look in their post history.

The latest two I noticed and that in the same thread: PaulFitzRoy & Myakot. Why?

You need to get to ATMB more.

beaten, :smack:

I think it was for saying that you’re either a Jew or an Anti-Semite in Great Debates. But I mean hell, he hadn’t advocated genocide for at least two-weeks. He was an alright guy…

As for the other half of the OP, I’m not familiar with Myakot but the low post count suggests “sock”.

yes and the Russian name and use of O_o suggests in whose drawer the sock resides

I’m not one to kick someone when they can’t fight back, but PaulFitzroy was a dick and I’m glad he’s gone.

OK, scratch that first part.

And that would be?
Sorry - I realize that the mods don’t want to even dignify the socks, and just outright ban them, but I’m curious as hell.

Psst…picker, over here.


So you do like to kick folks when they can’t fight back? ~grins~

Apparently. I posted, didn’t I?

In my defense, though, PaulFitzroy really was a dick.

I’m shocked. Simply SHOCKED-that it took this long.

I have to agree. Every time I saw a new thread started by him I wondered if this would be the one that gets him booted.

And I haven’t even read most of his more inflammatory posts (i.e. the ones that caused people to level genocide accusations at him). Just seems like every time he played the keyboard a jerkish tune emerged.

Good riddance to… well, maybe not GOOD riddance. That might be a little much. Mediocre riddance.

I agree with the poster who stated that sevastapol should have been banned along with him.

He’s at least been warned.

Under our new policy, when someone with a long posting record is banned, we’ll post in ATMB to indicate the whys and wherefores, with links to the public record of warnings.

We’re not going to bother doing that with socks, one-post trolls, or other cases. We don’t want to give them the publicity – that’s what they thrive on. If you find someone banned and you are driven by curiousity and there’s nothing posted, email one of the Administrators, and we’ll either satisfy your curiousity or we won’t.

Don’t you love it when banned folks come back “secretly” and still do the stupid easily-identifiable things they did under the old name? This person was contantly berated over that idiotic googly-eye bullshit, but still wasn’t intelligent enough to not use it under the new identity.

There was another fool that would answer many posts with like a three line saracastic comment, then a full line of roll-eye smileys. Of course, when this idiot was banned, s/he came back under another name and continued making the exact same posts.

Regardless of why they were banned originally, they deserve to banned just for being so goddamn stupid that they couldn’t stop doing that obvious shit.

Maybe I’m giving him too much credit, but I’m pretty sure he did it on purpose.