Paul's toes are cold

A quote from this thread questions whether people are buried barefoot in England.

I can’t seem to find any info one way or the other.

BTW, I chose cafe society because of the Abbey Road cover on the outside chance that discussion of same may ensue.

While we’re at it, are people buried with cigarettes in their right hands in England? :confused:

Hmmm… your link goes to a ‘Paul is dead’ page - the speculation there is utterly so ridiculous it hardly needs debunking, but just for starters:

No, I see a London taxi cab.

But to answer your question; there isn’t any specific custom of barefoot burial in England, but there isn’t any universal custom of dressing the deceased either - unless there is to be some sort of social function where the deceased will be displayed (rare) or the funeral is to be open-casket (even rarer).

Burial regulations are actually quite liberal here.

I believe SixSwords was referring to this thread, which has the link to the “Paul is Dead” page: Cecil must have corrected this by now.