Pause my DVD player: "Still (B)" or "Still (P)"?

Sometimes, the on-screen display shows one, sometimes the other. What’s the difference?

It’s a Panasonic, if that matters. Google was spectacularly unhelpful, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough.

Do the pictures look different in the two Still modes?

AVI /MPG frames can be divided among 3 types :

I-Frame: Intra frame, also called keyframe. They have no reference frame and can be decoded on their own. They can be thought of a jpeg image.
P-Frame: Predicted frame. They are deduced from the previous frame (I or P) and cannot be built if the decoder has not decoded the previous frames.
B-Frame: They are decoded from the previous and next I-P frames.

WAG: Its saying if the pause is showing a P frame or a B frame. Maybe you want to know if the quality is good. A predicted (extrapolated) frame sounds to be lower quality than an B frame, which is interpolated.

I would agree with your conclusion–it makes sense the player would be displaying frame type. Just to nitpick though, the B-frame is lowest quality frame. P-frames use references from previous frames, while B-frames use references from both previous and future frames. B-frames are the smallest in size and contain the least amount of data.

Thanks for this interesting info, I knew about the frame concepts for those data streams, I just never thought of it as affecting a DVD before. :smack:

I’ll have to keep my eyes open during very still scenes and try to see if I can catch it ever saying “Still (I).”