Paxil - now manufactured only as generic?

First the necessary disclaimer: I am not asking for medical advice. I will be discussing this with my doctor.

This is especially directed to others who are being helped by Paxil.

I’ve been taking Paxil for many years and it has emphatically changed my life for the better. At one point in the past I was unable to get the real thing, and both I and my family noticed I was not doing well.

Recently this has started happening again, although the pills look exactly the same. Then I looked more carefully at the label and noticed that it is no longer made by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), but by Apotex. The generic that didn’t work for me in the past was made by that same company.

I tried emailing GSK and all they said was that they sold manufacturing rights to Apotex.

Now here are my questions:

I know that normally a generic is required to have between about 85% to 125% of the active incredient compared to the name brand. Does Apotex now have to use the EXACT Paxil formula and manufacturing process developed by GSK, or can they revert to the generic standard?

Has anyone else had a similar problem? What did you do about it?

Thanks for any comments.

I can’t really answer any of your questions specifically, but if the 85-125% thing is true, my suggestion would be to wait it out for a month or so so the levels in your body can adjust and then, if needed, talk to your doctor about raising or lowering your dosage to make the appropriate adjustment.

ETA, maybe you can email the new manufacturer and find out the actual percentage.

Yes, I have emailed the new mfr; no response yet. (Whereas it took what, 5 minutes to get a response here?)

I am hoping someone who is in pharmaceuticals or who also takes Paxil might have some information.

Don’t worry, if it’s the same strength in mg then it’s the same strength in mg. I suppose it’s possible that the generic may have higher tolerances but then again, it may have stricter tolerances - and it’ll equal out over something with the sort of half life of paxil.

(I.e. your supposition of 85-125% - I dunno where you got that from -common sense tells me if such a standard exists then it’s to do with half lifes/bioavaliability etc and not really relevant for a pill like this which is presumably instant release into the gut)

I am definitely not a doctor.

I got that information from WebMD:

I can’t find the cite now, but back when this happened before, I found a reference to a difference in manufacturing between the Apotex and the GSK versions.

Anyone in pharmacology know if, having purchased production rights to a brand name drug, the new manufacturer is required to use the EXACT formula and manufacturing process developed by the originator?

Production rights means that they are permitted to produce the drug and call it Paxil, it doesn’t mean they have to adhere to stricter standards regarding production.

Are your new pills called “Paxil” or “paroxetine”?

I just looked at the Wikipedia page to look up the name. Wow. I can’t take Paxil, but I didn’t remember hearing about all the warnings and things. I didn’t have bad withdrawal. It was easy for me to quit, because I was stoned on it I’d forget to take it. :slight_smile:

The new pills look EXACTLY like the ones made by GSK. The only way I found out was by looking carefully at the fine print. They are sold as “Paxil.”

ladyfoxfyre, thanks for that info. That’s what I was afraid of. As the fish said when it swam into a wall, “Dam.”

Hello @MLS,

Just wondering how are you doing? Are you still using the Apotex’s Paxil? One alternative would be to buy GSK’s Seroxat from other countries like UK.

I’m doing O.K., thanks. How would one go about getting a prescription filled in another country?

Hello @MLS

Glad to hear you’re doing fine.

I buy my prescriptions using online pharmacies. I’m not sure if I can mention the name of a specific one (according to the forum rules), but I buy original Seroxat (brand name for paroxetine, synonym of Paxil) from Germany’s Glaxo Smith Kline.

What brand of paroxetine are you currently using?