Pay my Dews!

For whatever reason, Mountain Dew was discontinued in the UK years ago leaving me with no favourite cold beverage (that didn’t contain alcohol :smiley: )

After careful deliberation with another Doper I decided the best course of action was to come up with a competition/shameless begging thread.

The premise is simple, any Doper that sends me some Mountain Dew gets a prize!!!

Anybody feeling lucky?? :rolleyes: :smiley:

Disclaimer: I am aware of a stockist in the UK but I have neither the money or the bank account to purchase aforementioned MD myself. Also prizes may vary, remember I’m pretty broke.

This place claims to sell it.

Whoa, was it banned, or was there simply not enough demand for Pepsi to sell it there?

Klintypooh: Jeez, that’s harsh. Go sign the online petiton.

Afraid they don’t sell it here either.

I don’t think it was banned. I just assume the demand wasn’t high enough. :frowning:

ouryL I cant seem to get that link to work either, although part of me doesn’t want it to as I know this
place sells it but at £20-odd for 24 cans it’s a bit pricey for somebody without a bank account or regular income. :frowning: