Pay your bills if you have the money. Just do that.

Many entities have said that they will forgive bills for now if they are not paid, but folks, that doesn’t mean they will go away. For the most part, it just means that you will have to pay more later.

This bill forgiveness is for people who sincerely do not have the money! It’s not an excuse to be a deadbeat.

Just sayin’.

if you think this is a gathering of deadbeats just waiting for the opportunity to try to stick it to the utility companies, what makes you think you can change that with one post?

It’s high school lunch debt all over again. A crisis caused when schools didn’t pursue poor students for debts, so non poor families decided they’d not pay too, yknow, to ‘get there’s’.

Isn’t this really THE quintessential American culture, on display?

Is there some sort of mass refusal to pay bills on the part of people who can afford it? I’ve not seen any articles on that, so I’m wondering what prompted the OP.


And the word you’re looking for is “theirs”. Not “there’s”.

I’ve heard of attempts to organize a “rent strike” in several places to protest inflexible landlords. Might be that? Then again, the entire point of it is that they can’t “afford it” with the current crisis, so maybe not.

If you were attempting to see how many times you could contradict yourself in four sentences my applause, a masterful job!

CMC fnord!

I dunno, our apt manager offered everyone a 20% reduction for April, no questions asked, no future commitments required.

Won’t someone think of the poor utilities?

Oh, I’ll pay my bills. No question.

While we’re on the subject the electric co-op we are members of owes me $73. Going on 4 months. I’m not the forgiving type to giant businesses. Pay up, Co-op. I’m giving you a few more weeks as I’m quarantined at the moment.
I got my eye on you. :mad:

The strange thing is, I haven’t actually received any utility bills lately. I’ve got a couple (for the city’s gas and electricity network) that I still need to pay manually rather than by direct debit, and they haven’t yet shown up in my mailbox. I’m guessing that the city’s energy company is simply overwhelmed by the crisis and hasn’t managed to get its paperwork done in time this month. I’m none too worried, though, as the papers are reporting that nobody’s gas or electricity is going to be shut off while the country is in mandatory self-isolation. (Apparently there is a new law to this effect.)

See, in all honesty, preserving liquidity in uncertain times is a good idea. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, putting off paying your rent to make sure you have a nest egg is good fiscal sense right now: you might get laid off tomorrow, and it’s better to get evicted in September than starve in June. Unless, of course, aid programs look at assets and you can’t get food stamps if you have any money in the bank, in which case you should pay the rent and take the food stamps.

It’s complicated.

I think they either can’t afford it this month, or it’s going to put a serious dent in their finances going forward.

I pointed out on another thread, in another forum, that the “strong” economy was crap, and a lot of people didn’t seem to believe it. But the reality is there are a LOT of Americans who are able to pay the rent, the internet bill, the gas bill, and not much else. I’m sure that some are probably living beyond their means and buying clothes they don’t need, but that doesn’t mean they’re going out and buying Benzes and Beamers. Some jobs require nice clothes and a reliable car, and yet with ballooning student loan and medical debt, that’s not always easy for people.

I have just about everything on autopay and I’m not planning on changing that. Of course I’m getting a monthly SS disability payment and if we were to get to a point where that stops then a nest egg probably won’t help much.

But I can understand someone concerned about a possible job loss wanting to put off payments to build a nest egg.

Agree 100%

It wouldn’t hurt to try and put aside what you can. I can easily see the government not having people around to push the buttons and send the checks out. You’ll get your money eventually, but in the meantime…

Maybe “forgive” wasn’t the exact right word, but the essence of it is that they aren’t going to send you to collections for the time being.

Some people are using the word “forgive” though, most notably Joe Biden. Of course he’s not in a position of power right now, but he’s not some fringe wackjob from the innernets, either.

If everyone’s else’s rent was forgiven right after you spent your last dollar to pay yours, how would you feel?

Didn’t some poilitician actually argue in the debates that paying less than your fair share for the common good was smart. What was his name?

This person has paid all but two bills for April and those two get paid today. Because I am still employed and still getting a paycheck. Likely this will continue because I work for a grocery store. If those of us who can pay the bills don’t pay them then things will get just that much worse.