Paying paypal with a Credit card - Is warranty transferred ?

I occasionally buy stuff on the internet from wendors/website that I do not feel completely secure about. In cases like this, I use paypal to pay them - my paypal is in turn linked to my american express.

A watch I bought, using the above method, quit working after 1.5 months of use (it had 1 month of vendor warranty). My Amex automatically extends warranty by twice the time the vendor offers it.

So my question is, is the Amex warranty going to work in this case ?

Put in a claim - what do you have to lose?

Sort of a WAG but yes. Paypal does this thing were (last I checked) they always default to a checking account. They really don’t want to use a credit card if they can help it.

See here for your specific card. I looked through the first one and saw nothing forbidding you, at least as far as there aren’t exclusions that you did not mention. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t put in a claim, all they can do is say no.


Aww they only do it up to 5 years… I wanted them to double my lifetime warranty.