PBS, politics, current events ... potential for bias?

Not Liberal bias; just plain old bias in favor of Democrats …

The other day I looked at the schedule of my local PBS affiliate for the current events or political programming. The names that were prominent were Tavis Smiley, Charley Rose and Bill Moyer. Then I went to the wiki on the PBS News Hour and found that “The program’s senior correspondents are Gwen Ifill, Ray Suarez, Margaret Warner, Jeffrey Brown, and Judy Woodruff.”

I’m somewhat familiar with all except Brown and I wondered whether any of them regularly pull the R lever rather than the D. I don’t think so.

Am I missing any shows or people that might suggest that PBS really does provide “strict adherence to objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature” as it was designed to do?

I’m sure there are some R’s among the Nightly Business Report people and I used to watch McLaughlin Group which was always pretty balanced.

Think of it as a balance for all the republicans who populate the Sunday morning news shows.

Potential for bias? How on earth would you even measure that? Are you planning on applying for the the precrime division or the brain police?

Even if I did accept that this amounts to anything more than “They don’t massage the facts the way I like them to”, do you have any evidence that the journalists in question don’t vote for republicans? I would have imagined David Brooks too intelligent to pull the lever for any Rs in the last 10 years, but he’s still the conservative commentator on the News Hour.

Short version: It’s their reporting that matters, and it’s their reporting that you can measure. When your argument resorts to trying to weed out journalists whose thoughts or actions outside of their job aren’t fair+balanced enough, I’m just going assume that the question of PBS’s neutrality has been settled wrt their reporting of the news.

What would be the difference?

And why would anyone with a strict adherence to objectivity and balance ever vote for the Republicans, in the current political climate? When one party looks with scorn on the fact-based community, it’s only natural for the fact-based community to shun them in turn.

This. “Balance” and “fairness” are not the same thing.

This is not about elections. It’s a rant against PBS and Democrats.

Moving to the Pit.

No worries, we gave Big Bird his address. He will be dealt with appropriately.

So, you’re proof is that you “don’t think so”? Ifill is black, so statistically, she’s probably a Democrat. As for the others… I can’t say I know either way, and I watch them all routinely on PBS. But those guys are news reporters, not commentators. They seem to do a very good job to me, and I don’t generally see any bias at all.

The PBS NewsHour is the best news show on American TV. They will almost always have someone representing both sides of the issues, and their 15 minute (or so) analysis on Fridays with Shields and Brooks is quite good. Both represented their respective sides without being blindingly partisan.

Because then nobody would take the Republicans seriously on those shows as everybody would know they just got on the basis of political affirmative action.

Republicans just need to try harder to succeed on their own merits, and not look to the government and PBS for handouts and set-asides.

Never miss it. I used to think Brooks has the better suits, as befits an apologist for the ruling class. But I’ve come to realize that Mark is a born-again frump, and no matter who dresses him or how expensively, he will always wear a suit that looks like he just slept in it. And may the Goddess bless him and keep him next to Her bountiful bosom all the days of his life.

I DVR the show every day. I do like the Shields and Brooks part on Fridays. Brooks is one of the few responsible, conservative commentators left. Or should that be right?

Anyway, he probably gets his suits from his brothers. They’re Jewish, too.

A “rant” … you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me?

Tell me honestly that if someone else had started this you would have moved it.

Suarez, Moyer, Woodruf… definitely Dems. By your own thought process…Smiley too. I’d be willing to bet on the others but no one can prove anything.

I think you focused too much on PBSNH in your “analysis”.

As that study points out, it was done in the middle of the R primary. What show controlled by Ds wouldn’t want to ask the rightest of the right lots of pointed questions?

Who hosts those shows these days? I don’t watch them much anymore but the last I remember Amanpour, Gregory, Sheiffer, Stephanopolis and Blitzer come to mind in addition to the R on Fox. Of course I can’t prove anything.

Well, it’s not like Democrats are actually liberal.

Hopefully, he’ll learn his place in the pecking order.


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