pc game movies

how can movies be taken off a pc video game? i know its possible to take screen shots but can movies be done too? the specific game im talking about is final fantasy 8 and the actual movie files cannot be found on any of the cds, is there something more i can do?

You can put the leads that attach to the TV into your video instead and then record from the game as if it was a normal TV channel.

Putting the videos on the web if that’s what you mean though I have no idea.

There are programs that exist for the sole purpose of extracting the movies from PSX games. It’s possible that similar software exists for the PC, so don’t lose hope.

FF8 is pretty popular. If it’s the cutscenes you’re after, trying looking around some fansites, I bet you can find them.

I suppose that begs the question, how did THOSE people rip/record/copy the cutscenes?

I’ve googled all over the place and haven’t found anything yet. I’ll keep trying later and see what comes up.

I hope you cleaned up afterward.