PC games I can play on my new laptop

Hi all,

I just purchsed a new Samsung R510 and am wondering what games could I play?These days it seems that for every new game you need to majorly overhaul computer (or at least that what some of the threads make it appear to be). here are my specs:
Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology, Intel® Pentium Dual Core™ T4200
4GB (DDR2 / 2GB x 2)
Graphic Memory Intel® X4500 128MB Integrated Graphics

If you tell me none I’m not too worried, just don’t want to get all excited when I read threads about must-play pc-games and they won’t work. Any chance that maybe Sims2 would run on this machine?


The Sims2? Are you kidding? You could run that on half the processing power you have there. We’re talking about a game that’s 4 years old - that’s like, forever and a day in computer hardware time. :wink:

Anyway, what kinds of games excite you? I could rattle off a whole long list that might do you no good when you don’t like the genres. But odds are you can run all but the most bleeding edge stuff on that configuration, though you’ll probably need to turn down a bunch of detail sliders and stuff on more agressive titles (You’re above the minimum spec for say, Bioshock, but not by much.)

So yeah. There’s no such thing as a PC that will run -no- games. What’s fun for you?

There is one huge problem with your system: the integrated intel GPU is garbage. God I hate intel and their stupid GPU’s. They’ve done nothing but screw over PC gaming.

Bioshock WILL NOT run on that chip. Neither will most modern 3d games. Sims 2 is likely to run, but at low settings.

2d games and older 3d titles will work just fine though.

Try the baldur’s gate series for some classic RPG goodness. KOTOR series as well might run at low settings.

You’ll be able to handle Sims2 just fine. Don’t expect to get a passable framerate on anything remotely demanding released in the last few years(Bioshock, for example) at anything more than 800x600 resolution with all the detail options set to “low”, if it plays at all. A decent desktop videocard from ~7 years ago (i.e, Radeon 9700pro) would probably mop the floor with your GPU.

Benchmarks for your GPU:

Thanks for the information…I kinda figured processing-wise I might be fine but I am clueless with regards to GPUs hence why I turned to the Dope.

Sems Sims2 will be fine for anything newer I will have to replace the GPU - is that an easy thing to do? Not that I’m seriously considering this to be my gaming device but it would be nice to have some games loaded on here when I’m travelling

Nah sorry. Laptops are essentially non upgradeable platforms (with the occasional exception of RAM). You can’t add in a new video card to a laptop. Desktops are really the way to go for gaming. They are easily upgradeable and cost less to build. A gaming rig that would be able to play all of the latest modern games for the next 3 years can be had for under $500. A laptop for under $500 is probably not going to be very good at doing anything much more complex than office apps.

OK…that’s fine.

My laptop is older and weaker than yours in every aspect and it plays Unreal Tournament 2004 and Civ IV on maximum graphical settings. So if you’re willing to accept older games, you won’t have much of a problem. Anything up to 2006 will probably work just fine.

Cool - yeah older games are fine with me. I lack the finesse and skills to play BioShock etc

You can play Victoria: Revolutions on you laptop, I always played it on my and mine’s a couple of years old.

Diablo2 will also play well on your laptop if you haven’t played that yet.

Just curious, what is your GPU? What resolution are you running UT2004 at? what’s your average framerate?