PC Geeks: My Mouse Dont Werk In Safe Mode

      • And that’s the problem. I have Win98SE and a Logitech 2-button scroll mouse, but I have not loaded any of the Logitech mouse software–I am just using the generic (built-in) Windows 2-button mouse driver. When the pc goes into safemode for whatever reason I can’t ever remember how to use keyboard commands to navigate around all the menus. If there’s an option to load mouse drivers in safe mode, where is it set? The mouse is a USB on a PS/2 adaptor, if that makes any difference…?

I stopped using my Logitech Tactile Mouse because it was on a USB port. It required a special driver, but that driver never seemed to have a priority as high as a regular mouse that plugged in to the mouse port. As a result, when the machine was busy the mouse cursor would “freeze” from time to time.

Too bad, because I really liked having the extra button. I assigned it to the backspace key and found it very useful for browsing.

I’m afraid I don’t know how to install your USB mouse in Safe Mode, but if you have a regular mouse port you will probably find that a regular mouse does work.

You can get a USB-to-PS2 adaptor that will allow your USB mouse to be plugged into the PS2 port and will still give you the full functionality in most cases.

He’s already using the PS/2 adaptor.

What does the device manager have to say about your mouse when you’re in safe mode?


I was actually addressing my comment to the poster just before me, not the OP. Sorry for the lack of clarity there.

Get a generic ps2 mouse about $7 to ten bucks & use that when in SAFE mode, thats what I do.