pc hardware Q - new motherboard wont recognize true cpu speed...

so my roommate bought a new motherboard - a nice new ASUS board. He pulled his computer apart, put it back together with the new board, and put his Athlon XP 2200+ back in it. However, whenever he boots up, it recognizes his cpu at 1350 mhz. What gives? We can’t seem to remedy the situation either through adjusting (ever so carefully, mind you) clock speeds and frequencies and jumpers. Resetting the cmos didnt work either. The same thing happened to me when I replaced a motherboard of mine a while ago with a DFI infinity pro AD77 - I kept being told at boot-up that my 1800 xp was a 1000 mhz cpu . I took it to a shop and they adjusted it, but never told me what was wrong or what exactly they did. Anyone have any clue how to fix this?

A quick guess is that the FSB (Font Side Bus) speed is set too low. The internal cpu speed is calculated as a multiple of the FSB speed.

The Athlon 2200+ uses a multiplier of 13.5 - so if your roommates FSB is set to 100Mhz you will get 1350 Mhz excactly as you saw.

If you set it to 133Mhz you should end up with 13.5x133 = 1795.5Mhz which sounds more correct.

The FSB setting is proberly adjustable in the BIOS setup or else via jumpers on the motherboard.

thanks for the reply - problem solved. Thankyou