PC Prices

I too am searching for a new laptop (it seems like a number of dopers are right now), but have a few questions from a different angle.

I know that prices of computer hardware drop over time, but I think I’ve spotted a good deal that may not be around much longer. Circuit City is selling the Toshiba 5105S607 for $2500 minus a $100 rebate ending tomorrow (Saturday). It’s everything i’ve been looking for in a computer, so it’s more of a question of when than if.

Basically, i’ve read about the rising cost of LCD and memory components and how some manufacturers (Sony and Apple so far) are raising prices and dropping rebates to turn a profit. I also like the rebate that CC is running (yes i know they usually have one, but having talked to a few employees (i worked there myself not too long ago), it seems they may be stopping for a while). So which would be better:

  1. Buy now before Toshiba jumps the price to cover increased costs or
  2. Wait a few months and hope the usual decline is greater than the current increase

BTW, the specs for the computer are:

1.7 Ghtz Pentium 4
40G HD
15" UXGA monitor
and more, but i’m lazy. If anybody knows of a better deal on a similar product, please spill the beans.


Feel free to check the deal forums on Anandtech.com. You’ll find more computer deals than your wallet can stand. And, really, it depends on what you need. Laptops don’t fall in price as quickly as desktops, so I guess it also depends on when you need it. Have fun.

I prefer techbargains.com

Prices don’t always fall, as a matter of fact, memory is still pretty high compared to a year ago.

You can buy at CC & if you dont open it, return it within 30 days for a full refund, I think-you better
ask them because Im not sure about their restocking policy on computer returns. That seems like
a lot of dough for a laptop. I think about half that price should be more reasonable. But I don’t
know all the specs. Try ebay.com & see what people are asking for them.

I find it strange that you are very concerned about price hikes and yet you are looking to buy in the mid-high end of the market where the law of diminishing returns has kicked in heavily in terms of the value of your computing dollar.

$2500 is a lot to spend on any computer, even a laptop. That same systems will move to the “sweet spot” in the market in just a few months where the prices are more reasonable.

I consult for companies and buy lots of systems. My general guideline is to never spend more than $1500 for a laptop or about $1100 for a desktop computer. This is where you get the most bang for your buck IMHO.

You sre looking at a semi-high in laptop and will have to pay a hefty penalty for that privledge. If you back off the specs a notch or two (it shouldn’t take much) or simply wait a few months on the Toshiba system, it will no longer be priced as a high-end system and you should be able to get it for around $1500.