PC Problem

For about 10 days each time I switch on my PC I receive the message that my system may be at risk as the Windows running is a counterfeit copy.

The message urges me to purchase a genuine copy which I don’t need to do.

As far as I can tell no damage is being caused to my system but the messages are really causing me annoyance, I’ve tried everything to get rid of it but have had no luck.

Can any of you guys out there help?

I’ll be ever so grateful.

If it is a legal copy of Windows call Microsoft.

If it isn’t legal,. buy a license.

Problem solved.

It is possible to get rid of this error (it took me about 5 minutes when this appeared on a legal copy of Windows at work) but this isn’t the place to tell you how.

Forgot to add, I’ve had a look in the forum for PC questions but my problem doesn’t seem to be addressed in there.

Sorry but I’m not with you here.

My system has a legal copy of Windows, this is just trying to get me to purchase another.
Buy a licence? what licence is this?

Where is the place to tell me how to get rid of it?

Believe me I am a total computer nerd

It isn’t uncommon for Microsoft’s “Genuine Advantage” patch to produce a false positive hit on a vaild copy of Windows. This isn’t telling you to buy another copy of Windows, it is telling you the license might be incorrect. For some reason when the patch checked with Microsoft it thought you had a invalid license number.

If you own a proper copy of Windows and have a valid license number (each copy of Windows includes a license number), call Microsoft. They will provide you with a fix for your problem.

If you don’t mind, where did you get your computer from? Did you buy it new or used? If it is used from an unknown source, you very well might not have a valid license for Windows.

If you bought the computer new from someplace like Dell or Gateway, call them.

Couple of things - please bear in mind I’m not accusing you of anything…

  1. How sure are you that you’ve got a legit copy of windows on your PC? Did you install it yourself from a copy of windows you purchased from a store and have a receipt for? Or did you purchase the computer from someone and they gave it to you with windows installed, or did a friend just install it for you from a disk they had?

  2. If you have got a legitimate copy of windows, you should have the registration codes or CD keys around somewhere. You contact Microsoft, tell them the update has gotten into your system and you need help removing it. Your codes/keys should help prove it’s really a version of windows that you paid for.

If you purchased the computer and they told you they were giving you a legit copy of windows, but you weren’t given any CDs or registration codes etc., then you’d be best off calling Microsoft and asking what your options are.

If you just got windows from a friend (or any other method), and they used their own CD and cracks, you’re SOL. Buy a licence, register your copy and Microsoft will stop bugging you (for now).

Goddamn you and your hair-trigger finger, Seven! That’s the second time you’ve done this to me! (Though that 2nd post of yours wasn’t there when I previewed, I promise!)

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You are the victim of some malware perpetrated by Microsoft. Not long ago, in the guise of a “critical” update, your system was invaded by MS without your knowledge of the action and without your permission. This “update” installed a virus-type software on your system that: 1. phones home, 2. tells MS a lot about your system, and 3. attempts to find out if you have a bootleg system installed.

If it thinks you do, it nags you repeatedly to send Bill Gates more bux (he needs the money, badly, we assume) to become legit.

Problem is, much of the routine returns false positives. It also cannot be installed or disabled, and even if it misdiagnoses your system, you can’t upload any more updates. One update and you’re finished.

Pretty much the description of malware as I know it. So now Microsoft is the biggest perpetrator of scamware, and they are unrepentant as well. they call it “Genuine Advantage”. Ha!

No, I’m not alone in my radical beliefs. Ed Foster, in his Gripeline column, had the best critique, but I can’t seem to find it online now. Try this:

Screw Microsoft. Install Linux.

Found the Ed Foster Gripeline link. If you think Ed is harsh, you should read some of the other critics, who are much less kind:


1)A workmate installed the new system when my old one needed upgrading, the original I bought as new with Windows installed.

  1. I have the registration codes somewhere about the place, it’s just a matter of finding the rascals.

  2. I’ve e-mailed Microsoft (about a week ago) no reply as yet.

Thanks for help chaps.

If you are running one license on two different machines (even if the first machine is no longer running), this is what might have caused the problem.


As a matter of interest I did receive an URGENT update about the time the counterfeit messages started appearing

Ahhh, I thought there was a preponderance of mysterious strangers peering through the window this afternoon :smiley:

I guess you may be right here.

If I continue to put up with the counterfeit messages does my system stand a chance of crashing or what other nasties could happen to me

Sorry, missed that (replying at work leads to great big post gaps).

If you’ve emailed MS, that’s a start. But I think in this case you really need to get one of the blighters on the phone. Otherwise your email’ll just get floated around a bunch of queues until someone finally gets bored enough to send you a form letter that suggests you purchase a new licence to register your copy of windows! :slight_smile:

It is my understanding it will keep bugging you but the system will continue to work the same as before the patch.

It also won’t let you download any non-security related updates via Windows Update.

Thanks people for help, I’ll just have to live with it for now I guess…the bastards!!

If B*****s is verboten my apologies