PC Seizures

My PC keeps locking up after about 10 minutes of use. Am running a dual boot machine with linux and Win98, machine locks up booting to either OS. Thought it might be video related since it contiued to format a CD-RW after it locked up, but I switch video cards and the problem continued. Sounds to me like the motherboard’s going. Any guesses as to what it might be? Thanks.

Yikes, sounds heat related. Make sure all your fans spin up and that the cpu heatsink is seated correctly. After that check the temperature of your cpu in the bios.

Didn’t you know? This is Microsoft’s way of making you ditch Linux and upgrade Windows to XP :wink:

I’ll second that it sounds heat related. Also, for grins, check your memory. I once had a loose SIMM what would cause the same thing/

I can hear the fans running, but I will check the memory. Seem to be getting more life out of it this time around. Have no intention of switching to XP. :smiley:

What’s an easy way to check the temp?

Make sure the heat sink is seated correctly too. It may look like it’s on right but it may not be sitting flush with the chip. (It should go without saying that you need to turn off the PC before checking either that or the memory but…)

As for checking the temp, some motherboards and BIOS have temp sensers built in and use software to report it to you (LM_sensers (I think) for Linux). If your computer doesn’t have that you might be able to tell with an indoor/outdoor thermomitor (I can not spell) but you’d have to be careful that you don’t short anything out with it.

Also, if your computer is over heating you’re probably shortening it’s life by using it right now. If you can’t find the problem soon I’d turn to a pro for help.

Good Luck

Problem seems to be intermittant as this thing’s running longer now than it has in days. Really, I don’t care if I kill it (so long as I can salvage some of the parts) as I hate this machine! (I’ll never buy another Compaq if I can help it!) I’m just a little short on cash right now and am hoping to avoid having to outlay $ on it.

Understood. I wouldn’t us a Compaq if you gave it too me (I used to do computer repair and saw far too many problems with Compaqs).
If it’s running try to figure out if your motherboard has temp sensers and if so how to monitor them. At least then you’ll know if it’s heat related or not.

Tucker, perhaps you could try being a little more specific? What computer model is this? How old is it? Compaq makes a whole lot of computers! Did you look at the compaq web site for hints? Did you try running RUN:SFC & check your files? I recall someone else wrote a message just like yours on the board.

It was a Compaq Presario 7470 and when I tried to power it up again the other day, it refused to boot. I didn’t get the bios screen or anything. I could hear it hitting the drives on start-up, but all I ever got was a black screen and it never progressed any farther than that. Tried inserting a floppy to see if it’d boot from that, but it wouldn’t. Pulled the case off and the fans were all spinning happily away, so I think that I can eliminate that possibility. I’ve had the think for just over a year (in other words, its just out of warranty)! I managed to sneak over to a computer at work and post this. Don’t know when I’ll get a chance to do this again.