PCGamer magazine, you have made me sad

So I got my september issue of PC Gamer this week and was excitedly flipping through it, like I do every month, when I settle in to read the 8 page review of Bioshock. This game looks awesome, amazing graphics, a very complex AI setup, it’s mostly underwater so they put a lot of focus into how the water looks, acts etc so it is very real feeling. The story sounds great and rather controversial so it should be great.

Anyway, I was ready to run right out and buy it when I glance at the first page of the article and the little blurb says it wont be out until 2007!!! Argh! So now I have to wait all these months! ah well.

I hate it when that happens!

Slight hijack –
Do you listen to the PC Gamer Podcast. If you like the magazine, you’ll probably like the “show”.

Not so far, but that looks interesting. I’m on their website a lot, I like testing out various games and they have a nice downloadable collection.

It’s a cool podcast and since they’re professionals in the field as opposed to just amateur podcasters, they have access to interviews (Sid Meier, Valve, LucasArts, etc.) and some inside information.

Recently they’ve been on this thing about violence in video games, so that’s kind of taken over a lot of the content. Also, they try not to scoop themselves so they don’t talk about too many things that get big treatment in an upcoming magazine issue.