PDAs vs. Hand Helds?

I spend a lot of time utilizing Outlook as my daytimer and have not found it necessary to carry around a notebook-style daytimer. But now with some added responsibility, I am frequently out of the office, in meetings, conducting inspections, etc. I don’t want to have to do double duty translating back & forth between Outlook and a notebook style daytimer. Therefore, I am in the market for either a PDA or a Hand Held PC. I humbly ask the TM for any advice on brands, models, capabilities, etc., etc.

Thank you very nice!

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I only know PalmPilots, but they definitely do have software to synchronize with Outlook.

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The NEC Mobile Pro’s are pretty good. Newer ones have nice size keyboards and also come loaded with Outlook CE Work CE and Excel CE plus Win CE

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I have a Psion 5, which I really only use to write on the go. I think it can synch to Outlook. It has a wonderful keyboard, for it’s size (which is still bigger than a PalmPilot).

Biggest drawbacks: kinda big, doesn’t fit confortably in most pockets (fits well in the front pocket of many of my shorts).
No built-in modem. Screen needs better contrast.

The Psion 5MX is out, with a twice as fast processor, better contrast, and a Java-enabled web browser.

Post its. Very transportable.

Thanks for the input! I’ll compare & contrast models with these tips in mind.

Anyone use one with the “voice recognition” option? I just need to carry around my schedule & jot down thoughts, to-dos, etc. I’m not into browsing the www with just a 3" screen.

“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’”
E A Poe

The PSION 5/MX does have a built in mike to digitally record audio notes. I don’t recall ever seeing software to convert it text, but it may be out there.