PDF file icons in Photoshop CC

In previous versions of Photoshop, any saved PDF got a thumbnail icon. With Photoshop CC, all I get is a generic PDF icon for every file. How can I save PDFs and retain the thumbnails? (The option “Embed page thumbnails” doesn’t accomplish this.)

Not in front of my mac, but perhaps “Save Preview”?

I’m not seeing “Save Preview” as an option anywhere. In Preferences, under File Saving Options, Image Previews is set at “Always Save,” and “Thumbnail” is checked. You’d think these would create a thumbnail for each file, but they don’t.

It’s amazing, how complex and unwieldy Photoshop has become.

It seems Adobe changed this feature deliberately. There’s a long thread about it here, and it seems it’s Acrobat itself that has to be updated to solve it.

I’m just in Photoshop, not even using Acrobat. And I’m on a Mac. This is a major PITA. I have to open every damn file to see what it is. Of course I can copy/paste each one into the “info” window, but that’s yet another PITA.

There are third party extensions that add thumbnails in explorer. Try looking up SageThumbs on Google.

I don’t even use Explorer. I’m on a Mac. All I want to do is edit PDFs in Photoshop, and I want each file to have a thumbnail, so I don’t have to open every goddamn file to see what it is. I’m not using Acrobat or any other program, I’m just editing images in Photoshop. All I want to do is open a PDF, edit it and save it, with a thumbnail. 20 YEARS AGO THIS HAPPENED AUTOMATICALLY, BUT THERE’S NO WAY TO DO IT TODAY? I’m paying $53 a month for Creative Cloud, and it won’t let me do a simple task that I could do in the '90s. And I can’t discontinue the Creative Cloud, because then EVERY ADOBE FILE I EVER CREATED WILL BE LOCKED.

Wait. What do you mean by this part? Is this just a PDF thing?

simple answer, panache … stop paying.

programs, and the companies designing them, continuously evolve. as long as the consumer accepts terms of the product … there is supply. cut the demand … the product withers 'n dies.

i constantly land on forums … invariably, i find comments/posts where consumers are begging for support unto this vehicle or that … and how they would gladly pay for this 'n that. or, another scenario … the consumer makes big deal of the latest release … stating “i’d happily pay twice the price … your product is so great!” it’s not only the companies that are driving up the market … the consumer is as much to blame. veritably, the consumer is the catalyst.

“And I can’t discontinue the Creative Cloud, because then every adobe file i ever created will be locked.”
prove it. where’s your corroborating evidence? i use adobe-cc as well as previous versions (mac and pc) … no such thing as “cannot open file if cc is discontinued”. and, there are previous versions of photoshop*(pre-cc)* still available … use those. notwithstanding … there are some adobe products (indesign being one) which substantiate your claim (even pre-cc) … photoshop is not one of them. photoshop has always been backwards compatible.

as for opening *.pdf files in photoshop … why do you want to do that, panache? that method obfuscates the whole premise behind the pdf model (portable document format). pdf files are great … why edit them using photoshop? opening pdf in photoshop rasterizes the content. there are pdf editors on the market … the good editors retain the pdf model.

in any case … even though it won’t do any good, you can lodge complaint with appl … the issue is with apple and not adobe: [ref link is listed below]

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