Peace in Central America--When did this happen?

Apparently while I wasn’t look peace broke out in Central America. Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras…all of them now have democratically-elected governments. Can someone point me to a web site that explains how this happened? I’ve been trying to find out and coming up dry.

Also just wondering if that means that the days of the desaparecidos are over.

They probably ran out of ammo.

Iran Contra kinda made it look stupid, I guess.

Turns out the Domino Effect was true after all; it just didn’t work for Communism.

One of the best sources is the BBC:

Check the profiles for the Central American nations

In the case of Nicaragua it was negotiations and the peaceful (although under the barrel of the US gun) loss of power of the Sandinistas in 1990, for El Salvador it was a peace treaty negotiated by the UN in 1991, similar to what happened in Guatemala.

Truth commissions of El Salvador and Guatemala revealed later that more than 80 percent of the violence and crimes were caused by the extreme right wing death squads and the Armed forces.

And Little Nemo, while it is true that communists were a part of the revel forces the fact is that I saw the truth commission reports and I concluded (and I saw it personally too) that people do revolt when the powers that be are trying to kill them. The communists may have been part of the revolt but they were not the main reason or cause of the revolutions (more than revolutions I see them now as common sense self defense) The true level of their involvement, at least in Nicaragua, showed when the communists decided to separate from the Sandinistas at the end of the revolution and formed a small opposition party (it remains small to this day) the communists however were part of the coalition that defeated the Sandinistas in 1990! Many in the US did not heard that because the Sandinistas were called communists by the Reagan and Bush administrations, the fact that the Nicaraguan communists actually were part of the coalition that defeated the Sandinistas is one of the most amazing ironies of history. More so when after the Sandinistas were defeated the US embargoes and restrictions to trade to Nicaragua were lifted then.

As for the Desaparecidos the problem is that the current governments are stonewalling against the resolution of the cases of the past and new ones are occurring even today:

Actually, the Sandinistas WERE Marxist/Communist whathaveyou. However, that should not have been a factor.

Much of the credit, I think, goes to the “Contadora Group,” founded in 1983 and comprised of Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama. From this site on the Guatemalan conflict:


However, it was really the end of the Cold War and U.S.-Soviet rivalries in the area that allowed these peace initiatives to have a successful result. Costa Rican President Oscar Arias won the Nobel Prize for Peace for his efforts.

I knew somebody here would know this stuff. Thank you very much, Colibri, GIGObuster, and Squink.

Nobel Peace prize for Oscar Arias, that’s awesome.

(I wonder if Pres Bush will investigate hard enough to find out that terrorist acts were committed by troops trained and paid by his dad.)