Peaches: yellow or white?

Which type tastes better? Need to prove my brother has no taste. :stuck_out_tongue:

No difference. The thing that is important is whether they’re cling or freestone (freestone is better).

Or in another castle

There are so many different varieties available that it is a bit meaningless to try to simply compare yellow or white.

But I will concur, freestone is the way to go.

White peaches are a thing? :dubious: :confused: :eek:

Many white peach varieties, like white nectarines are IME lacking in acid. At their best they’re sweet and a little bland. They’re perfectly edible but not really to my taste.

I agree with Tamerlane. I prefer yellow peaches, because they are usually more sour.

Freestone yellow peaches. And I’m weird in that I’ve grown to love the supermarket peaches that are so firm that they crunch when you bite into them. (I also like the really fresh peaches that dribble juice down my chin and all over my shirt, but those are harder to get.)

The yellow freestones from my parent’s backyard.

I never even heard of “freestone”, I’m going to have to look into this.

Overall I prefer yellow peaches. I’ll make an exception for the Babcock peach, a white variety that has fantastic flavor and aroma. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it in stores for years.

My favorite nectarine variety is White Rose, which does show up at local produce markets.

I disagree with the consensus so far, I prefer cling peaches for flavor. Freestones are easier to eat, but seem to me to be a bit less juicy.

When I was a kid and my mother canned peaches, she always wanted the cling peaches, even though it added hours to the prep. Maybe because it was us kids who had the job of halving and peeling the buggers.

Well, that’s your mistake right there. If you’ve got a fresh peach in your hand, what are you doing halving, peeling and canning it rather than just eating it out of hand?

Yellow? White? I always thought they were, y’know, peach-colored.

Which one is the one that’s kinda pinkish?

It’s referring to the color of the flesh.

White peaches in my experience are flavorless

White peaches are good, but they’re faintly perfumey to me when they’re perfectly ripened. Yellow peaches are my favorite of all fruits and I don’t care if they’re freestone or whatever as long as they’re ripe, even slightly overripe. It’s so hard to find a good peach these days, and it only lasts a few weeks out of the year. I have better luck finding good white peaches and nectarines.

Basically, cling peaches cling to the stone. Freestone peaches Have the stone free of the fruit.

Ah! Thank you! I’d never heard the distinction before. Truth to tell, I’d never heard of the two varieties before, so it would be bad etiquette for me to vote here.

But, yumz, I love a nice juicy, messy, dripping peach!

I bought a basket of South Carolina yellow freestone peaches on Saturday, and we gobbled them up: total sink peaches, juicy and delectable. Somehow, a white peach had slipped in there (the farmer selling them grew both varieties), so I tried it. Not…bad, but not nearly so flavorful as the yellow peaches.

That’s been my experience. A mediocre unripe yellow peach tastes like a mediocre unripe white peach; but when they’re both ripe, the yellows win, hands down.