Peanut allergies

If someone is allergic to peanuts, are they allergic to all nuts? Or if they are allergic to cashews would they have a peanut allergy? Does having a nut allergy mean all nuts, or just peanuts?

Someone can be allergic to peanuts and handle almonds and what are referred ti as tree nuts or true nuts just fine. Someone can be allergic to almonds and handle peanuts and tree nuts just fine. Almonds and peanuts belong to a different family of plants than the nut-bearing trees. (Of course, some people are allergic to all of the above, too.)

I’m not sure whether it’s possible to be allergic to one nut and not another - say, to peacans but not walnuts.

My SIL is allergic to walnuts, but not any other kind of tree nut, and not peanuts either.

Peanuts are legumes, almonds are more closely related to apricots than nuts. Tree nuts often have cross antigens, but not always.

Best to have allergy testing done than to guess.

I am allergic to pecans and cashews, but no other nut (that I know of). I can’t think of any nut I haven’t tasted, but I would decline to try something exotic on the possibility that it would make me sick.

It’s best to get blood tests done to determine exactly what any particular individual’s allergies are. One can be allergic to only peanuts, only particular tree nuts, or a whole lot of nuts and legumes.

Yep—I’m allergic to all nuts except almonds and walnuts, and I have a first cousin on my father’s side who exhibits exactly the same pattern.

I’m allergic to peanuts (fortunately, it’s a mild allergy as these things go) but I can eat all other nuts without penalty.

This does confuse people. It particuarly confuses by ignorant redneck relatives (on both sides) who stupidly refer to ALL nuts as “peanuts”. As in “what kind of peanuts are in those banana-walnut muffins?”

So at their homes I just don’t eat any nuts, as they can’t (apparently) distinguish between tree nuts and peanuts.