Peanuts on premises

Look at the new Milky Way wrappers. There is a warning that although the candy has no peanuts, the manufacturing plant contains peanuts. Is this their way of telling alergic people that they don’t clean the machines, or will the smell of peanuts permeate the candy and ruin it for the averge person?

I don’t know if you’re trying to be Gallagher-esque or not so I will seriously answer you by saying that since Milky Ways (as well as Three Musketeers) are probably made in the same plant where Snickers (the third member of the trinity) are made, there’s a good chance that the lighter than air skins from the peanuts used in the Snickers processing may have wafted into the Milky Way vat. Or maybe not, but I think that’s not too wild a guess.

Just a quick vindication for M&M Mars: I worked at their Oak Park (near Chicago)plant for two summers while I was in college. It is the absolute cleanest manufacutring facility of any kind that I have ever seen. I’ve seen food plants (and especially candy factories) that are so disgusting I can’t believe the health department lets them continue operations, but M&M Mars isn’t one of those. Clean as a whistle, and they’re damned nice to their employees (at least when I was there, some 15 years ago).

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This is the law-suit happy 1990’s, and I imagine they’re just trying to make sure all the bases are covered. It really wouldn’t surprise me to hear that someone tried to claim that they were so allergic to peanuts that they can’t even eat food that was in the same room as peanuts and sue because they weren’t warned.

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there are kids in my home town/city that are so allergic to peanuts, that if they SMELL them they could go into enephalactic(sp)shock and die.

the schools here are peanut free, and kids that eat peanut butter in the home have to be careful not to transport the residue on their person.

Is this something new? I read about it all the time, but when I was a girl (“back in aught-seven”), we had peanut butter for lunch and I never recall a single one of my classmates getting sick, let alone dying, from peanut allergies! We only lost one classmate all through grade school, and he had meningitis.

I’m not saying it’s all psychosomatic, but why all of a sudden are people seemingly being felled left and right by killer peanuts?

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I couldn’t help it. I know this is a serious problem for a few people.

the info I read says there are more of these situations now cuz people are introducing the foods too early to the baby’s diet…who knows really…there is always a big stink made at the start of school from parents who are mad that junior cant take his fave sandwich to school.I say, get a grip! - if juniors sandwich can kill little bobby…then pack something else.

my kids eat peanut products at home, but they have to make thier own sandwiches…p.b. makes me gag to look at it!

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When I was younger, my best friend, and his brother has severe allergies to peanuts. The older brother has it much worse, and if he so much as smelled peanuts in any way, shape, or form, he’d start to become nauseous, and start vomitting. You don’t want to know what happened to him when he actually ATE peanuts.

So, I can see why Mars would want to put that label on their candy. Also, if any of you have had McDonald’s McFlurries, they also put a little warning on the cup. It says, “This may contain peanuts.” In this sue-happy country, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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but ,vogue,where do M&M’s fit into the trinity? ARG you’re right this country is sue happy.It’s just plain nuts! Hey, I’m back to the M&M’s again.

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Mom is allergic to peanuts; fortunately not bad enough that they endanger her life, just make her sick.

Food allergies are more dangerous than other types of allergies, and IIRC, a peanut allergy is one of the most dangerous of the food allergies. I believe Mom can have some reaction from plain M&Ms even though they contain no peanuts. If they are made in the same factory, enough peanut dust can get in the chocolate to trigger a reaction. It doesn’t take much, and the more allergic the person is, the less it takes.

The world is getting crowded. Even if the allergic percentage of the population remains constant, the absolute number will rise along with the population. With more people being allergic, it only makes sense that a few words on a candy wrapper has the potential for preventing a tragic death (and maybe a lawsuit as well)