Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Yikes, what drival. If you want to see a movie about the attack. Find TORA, TORA, TORA.

It’s not tough to find Tora, Tora, Tora with the new THX remaster (no doubt influenced by the release of * Pearl Harbor*). See, even “drivel” can have a positive effect :).

Time magazine examined the forlorn hope the producers had of making this movie a success in Japan, because it had flopped in the US and was ignored by most other countries.

Now, what reality-warping drugs are they on?

I’d heard that Ben Affleck was contracted for profit share, rather than his usual multi-million dollar movie fee, because he thought it would be the next Titianic. Sucked in, Ben.

Too bad, really, because I thought Affleck did an absolutely virtuoso job in that film. Rafe McCawley pretty well wears all his emotions on his sleeve, so it’s a good role to really show off your acting chops in. For instance, the scene where he comes home and realizes his girlfriend and his buddy are together now, you can see everything he’s thinking on his face without his saying a word.

I also really liked Mako as Adm. Yamamoto. He’s a bit too lean and weathered to really look like Yamamoto, but I think he got the spirit of the guy down pat. And I loved how, just before the attack, his mask cracks a little and you can see how nervous he is.

Two good performances buried in a stinker of a film. Poor Cuba Gooding, Jr.! I hope they paid him well, because I can’t imagine a more unrewarding role, or a more egregious case of tokenism. He has zero - zero - meaningful interaction with the main characters. He’s just there to say “Look! We put in a black character to broaden market appeal!”

But that, of course, is the main problem with the movie; most of the characters have no relationship with one another. It still might have worked if they’d used the attack to bind the story together, but they didn’t; it was transparently obvious that Bay and Bruckheimer didn’t want to end the movie on a downer like the Pacific Fleet getting mauled, so they had to continue it on through the Doolittle Raid. Thus the only thing binding the story together is the Beckinsale-Hartnett-Affleck triangle, and they have nothing to do with anybody else in the movie.

I am an absolute sucker for war movies; they push all my buttons. I loved Enemy at the Gates, even though objectively I could see that it was a deeply flawed movie and properly I shouldn’t have enjoyed it. It should have been damn near impossible to make a movie about Pearl Harbor that I wouldn’t like. And yet Bruckheimer and Bay pulled it off.

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I wonder how much money he could’ve made. I mean, even if they paid him $1,000,000 per minute, he’d make, what, $5 mil?