Pebble Beach Golf, today only. Channel Finder.

Find your Golf Channel here. Click on “Use Channel Finder”.


I don’t quite get this thread but Little_Pig isn’t a spambot and the golf channel isn’t really the type of site that would employ one.

Oh, Pebble Beach pro-am is on. Maybe I’ll watch for Bill Murray who’s probably

I posted this thread in the event Dopers wanted to watch golf at Pebble Beach but did not know which channel to tune into. Sheesh!

You posted in Cafe Society, not the Game Room, plus it looks a lot like the spambot posts we get often.

I know, I figured it out. I turned it on but probably have to do groceries soon. Do you know if Bill Murray is there?

Agreed. It was a toss up, probably because we are watching Golf, not playing it. Same with my Surfs Up! post.

The first two rounds are on Golf Channel, Sat and Sun will be shown on CBS.

Check your local listings.

Yes he is CarnalK. He has a 12 handicap and is teamed with D.A. Points. Murray’s quote from Thursday - > “Former 49ers offensive tackle Harris Barton hit a short, popup tee shot on No. 17 at Spyglass. Comedian-actor Bill Murray immediately chimed in, ‘That’s terrible. Can you play any other sport?’”


Gretzky lipped out a 20" putt. :frowning: I guess I missed that he is Dustin Johnson’s father in law.