Peculiar reaction to vaccination - why?

I got my annual flu shot the other day and decided to get the pneumo-vax as well. I took a break from doing some remodeling at home, got the shots, and came back to finish the work. The arm that I got the pneumo shot in started aching, but I figured that was normal. By the next morning, the entire tricep was inflamed from the shoulder to the elbow. It felt like a massive bruise, with skin sensitive to touch and pain upon full extension or jarring of the arm.

I’ve never had this sort of reaction before and wonder if a)it’s normal or b)I somehow aggravated it by working. Two days later it’s subsiding somewhat, but is still painful.

It’s not uncommon for the pneumococcal vaccine shot. The worst local reactions I’ve ever seen were to this vaccine. They can be especially bad if you’ve already had this vaccine before.

It’s generally just a powerful local immune reaction to the ingredients in the shot. The vaccine contains many common pulmonary antigens, and the more of them that the person has been exposed to in the past (and hence built up antibodies to them already), the more likely the person will have a powerful local reaction.

Ice, tylenol or ibuprofen, and maybe some diphenydramine are what I usually recommend for my patients with this sort of reaction.

You the man. It annoys me that the drones administering this vax didn’t warn of reactions or provide some literature. Thank you.