Peculiar survey from Facebook

I have a Facebook account I only use for info from my town, favorite author new book announcements, favorite store sales, etc. There is nothing personal I am not connected to any friends or relatives and I put a bogus country in. I look in about once a month.

Today when I checked I got a pop up survey. Paraphrase:

Is Facebook good for the world? rate 1-10

I scored it the lowest

Well, now we know who to blame when they shut it down for good. Especially if it’s later today, as I’m expecting after your takedown.

YES! <insert victory dance>

Yes, I’ve seen and ignored that one.

I got a weird one a few weeks ago from Facebook asking me all these questions about Leslie Jones. How did I feel about her, and how close did I feel to her by following her page and how close I felt to other people who follow her page.

It was especially odd because I had just “liked” her page many months ago and hadn’t really looked at it. Occasionally I’d see a status update from her.

I have noticed Zuck’s all about fighting fake news these days but lately almost all my “trending news” is from political blogs, not a regular news site. I’ve seen Daily Caller and Breitbart a lot. I don’t look at that stuff. I don’t know why it’s targeting me. Used to be I’d get something from CNN or Reuters then a local news source. Now it’s all political garbage and celebrity news.

This all sounds like a foreign language to me. I don’t do facebook, never have. I have overheard my kids discussing it.
It makes me anxious to think of everyone knowing or reading and commenting on my life. And I don’t give a FF what your life is all about. I am selfish that way.

Shortly after my OP I joined a group for my local town. I thought “Oh great I’ll know the true story about crime and traffic in my town.” Yikes so much minutia.:smack: