Pedal pedal's the Tour de France

Or, as Bob Roll says: Tour day France.

So, is anyone watching the Tour yet? I’m still in Euro 2004 mode myself, but I’m looking forward to switching over. I only watched about 10 minutes on Saturday, but I’ve already seen one spill. And not a bad second place finish at all by you-know-who.

I’ve gotta root for the “local kid” Tyler Hamilton to show us his stuff. Who will you be rooting for?

BooBooFoo is the official SDMB commentator for the tour, despite his not-very-well-hidden disdain for Lance Armstrong. :wink:

Are you a Boulderite? He lives here most of the time now.

I’ll stick with Armstrong for one more, myself.

Doh! I remember Boo Boo Foo’s thread from last year, but for some reason I thought that he was no longer a member. Did I step on his toes by starting this thread? :smack:

Nope, not Colorado. I just live (and ride) in the general area of Tyler’s old hometown. I suspect he’s the only reason we get more than an inch on the Tour in the the Sports section of the Boston Globe.

Should be a great race this year again. Here is an English version of the official website for anyone who wants more info on the riders or course. The lack of any individual time trial before the race hits the Pyrenees is likely to mean that a lot of the top riders are quite close together at that point and the likes of Heras and Mayo really launching into Armstrong.

The bookmakers here all have Armstrong as favourite, with Ullrich second best, but Ullrich should be favourite for me. He showed what he could do last year despite a horrendous preperation, this year has been better and he should be the man to beat.

The lack of any British riders at all, after David Millar’s drugs confessions, is a disapointment, but the TV coverage is on ITV2 and, even more comprehensively (and live eveey day) on British Eurosport. I would urge anyone who has never seen this race to get tuning in. The ITV2 highlights show especially is a great introduction, they go through all the tactics and everything.

Can one of our American friends clarify the spoiler situation for us here? Are you guys watching live or how much of a delay is there? Most of the coverage in Europe is live or highlights within about 2 or 3 hours of the stage finish, I think.

And for the best Tour de France film ever, check out Triplets of Belleville.

I’d watch if it were broadcast. To my knowledge, it is not.

I’m getting it on a cable station called the Outdoor Life Network, and I’m not aware of any tape delays, but I’m not paying that close attention yet. Yesterday they showed the first stage, but I don’t know when. You guys in Europe get up too early, anyway.

I want to watch, but OLN has some other crap on right now.

I think OLN shows the last two hours of each stage live. Stage 1 was on from 9:00 to 11:30 this morning. Then they repeat it throughout the day, with more commercials.

I’m looking for Lance to win, Tyler Hamilton to place, and Jan Ullrich to show.

did anybody catch the ads running on TDF?
The one of the Posties delivering mail was a hoot.

Go Lance, go.

I really wish Vinokourov was in it this year. That kid is phenomenal. Too bad he had to break his collarbone.

It’s shown a couple of times a day here on OLN, as carterba said. I can’t speak for everyone else (particularly the West Coasters), but my plan is to just not open the thread until I’ve watched the day’s events, whether live or on repeat.

Yeah, I liked that one too.

I just went to the Prologue the other day. Tried to pick up a spot late, though, and couldn’t see a damn thing, but got a photo taken with The Devil and camped out where the riders roll through after their runs and got some good pictures. Stood around drinking a Leffe Blond from the bottle-- I love living in Belgium. Liége was a frikkin’ zoo this day, though.

I’m a West Coaster, and we get it fine on OLN here. Coverage starts at 6:00 a.m. most days, and finishes around 8:15. I never miss it, and I watch it partly because I love bike racing, and partly because I love to look at footage of the magnificant European countryside. You folks in Yurp have the most beautiful agricultural land, small towns and big cities in the world - I’m jealous.

And thank the gods of broadcasting that Kristin Gum is nowhere to be seen or heard during the live coverage. What happened to her? Not that I care!


Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend Cheryl Crow has some cycling chops, too.

So that was a heck of a move by Postal today, huh? Pick up the pace, split the peloton, and leave Iban Mayo in the dust. By the end of the day tomorrow, he’ll be at least 6 minutes back. Can he get back into it in the mountains, or is he done?

Should be fun watching him try, either way!

You could tell a lot of riders had never ridden in the “Hell of the North” otherwise known as Paris-Roubaix. Postal and the other teams did a great job of using the cobblestones to their advantage. Their teeth are probably still rattling today!

I know nothing about cycling strategy - what does this mean?