Pee-Wee's Playhouse starts tomorrow night (7-10) on Adult Swim!

Just a reminder to fire up your VCRs/Tivos/whatevers. Adult Swim will be showing all the episodes, plus the Christmas Special, Mondays through Thursdays at 11PM EDT.

Seems like an unusual choice for adult swim. Why this show? Wasn’t it primarily geared to very young kids?

It had its fair share of double entendres and jokes which children wouldn’t get . Hell, the genesis of the show was a Pee Wee stage special where he used mirrors to look up a woman’s skirt.

Heh-heh-heh. You never saw it, did you?

“You know what big boots mean, don’t you, Cowboy Curtis?”

I have no cite to back it up, but I’d guess that the show was more popular with adults (especially college-aged ones) than kids.

My seven-year-old daughter and and I love the show equally. Although I was a little surprised when, during the pajama party episode, Pee-Wee asked Miss Yvonne if he could watch her change her clothes. :wink:

“Big feet!”

Yes, and the irony is that the show now has a parental advisory warning.

So did old Ren and Stimpys when they reran on TNN/Spike TV. I guess the fact that somebody can produce a show that is supposedly primarily for kids but has a large adult following as well is the sign of a true genius.

“Peter, you are being ridiculous”


I managed to watch about five minutes of the idiocy the other night before I turned it off. Dammit, if you’re going to bill yourself as the Cartoon Network, couldn’t you run cartoons? There must be some good anime out there that they haven’t shown yet.

Well, IIRC (haven’t seen the show since it first aired), there were short animated sequences scattered throughout the episodes.

And no other show has the King of Cartoons!

You have no soul.

As ArchiveGuy noted, there are cartoons and miscelaneous animated sequences throughout each episode.

Yeah, that’s what Cartoon Network needs, more big-eyed, big-mouthed freak children with unsynchronized voices. Because the hours upon hours they lard the schedule with on a daily basis just isn’t enough.

It’s not Cartoon Network, it’s Adult Swim.

Given the staggering volume of anime they broadcast, I doubt it. And given that there’s a pretty big audience of people who would watch stuff on the channel that gag over anime – and also we tend to be better demographically – I think there’s room for one half-hour a day which is only partly cartoons.


Last time I checked, they haven’t played any good anime.

I accidentally turned it on (not remembering it was premiering) and freaked out. Pee-wee’s Playhouse is probably my favourite anything… ever.

Growing up this was actually my Mom’s favourite show which is strange in so many ways. Apparently her love for Pee-wee goes back to when before I was born. She worked in an office and kept a framed picture of him on her desk (this is before the movies and I am pretty sure before the show) and when asked, her friend Monica would tell everyone he was my mother’s husband. Later when Monica was giving birth my Mom brought the photo, put it next to her bed, and before Monica’s husband showed up convinced everyone that he was Monica’s baby’s daddy. I always wondered what the nurses thought years later when he became huge.

Christ I miss that lady, she was so strange…

Wait, I take that back. They did play FLCL for awhile.