Pelosi: "we have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it" context?

Can someone please explain the context of thissoundbyte? I don’t know when she said it, so I’m having trouble finding the rest of the speech. I’m not even sure it was about the health care bill, but my conservative grandfather insists it was, and is evidence that the Democrats did not want to let America know what was actually in the bill before they put it to vote. Is that true? Wouldn’t the bill be freely available for anyone to read, especially since it was the same bill the Senate had already passed?

The full original context is here:

The immediate context is:

And yes, the original senate bill was available for online viewing prior to the vote. The reconciliation bill was up for a shorter period of time, I believe.

It sounds like the Dems knew exactly what was in the bill but their efforts were stymied by people who have been lied to about what the bill contains. So Pelosi says essentially “There are good things in the bill, once we pass it you’ll find out”

In essence it means “once the bill passes you’ll see what it actually does rather than only hearing lies about what it might do”.

There is also the fact that at any given time the proposed bill could have been changed by amendments. Heck, it changed slightly after it was passed the first time.

It means that I have lied to you but you won’t know the extent and scope of my lies until all my cronies are in place to administer and regulate and control your day to day lives without regard for your privacy and uniqueness and freedom to choose.

It means that I can’t articulate sufficient good reasons for the bill and you just have to see for yourself why I couldn’t. I am sorry for being such a bad speaker.

It means “I can’t be bothered to explain why water is wet to a bunch of GOP troglidytes who don’t give a shit about other people. You and I know this may be tweaked afterwards, but right now we’re in a political fight and we can’t allow the teabaggers to win by dividing us”

Regardless of what everyone says she meant, what it means as a practical matter is “We aren’t going to let you know what’s in it until it’s too late, because we know damn well that the President is going to sign it, regardless of your feelings on it.”

The bill was available online throughout the process to any one who cared enough to look at it.

Answer #2 gave you the context of Pelosi’s soundbite, in a nutshell.

Answers #'s 3-9 demonstrate why politicians can’t afford to be honest when they speak in public.

It means we have to pass the bill so we can start taxing you to know just how many promises the bill makes that we have to break.

God damned democracy. I hate it when our elected Representatives can pass a bill with only 60% of the vote. Isn’t it time we gave Fox veto power so this won’t happen again?

It means we are wrong and don’t care and they are right and we still don’t care. That includes even 50% of the teabaggers that voted for us because we don’t care about you either. We just hate everybody. We hate everybody so much that we will pass the bill and then retire with our cushy pensions and private health plan and kick backs that are in the bill just because we can. God damn America anyway We got ours you didn’t get yours. HA HA

Do you understand the difference between Great Debates and The BBQ Pit? If all you are going to do is pop in every two minutes with a slam that ignores what others are posting, take it to the appropriate forum, please.

Every single thing in the bill hurts the average American. No restrictions for pre-existing conditions: body blow to the middle-class. Letting children remain on their parent’s insurance til they are 25: upper-cut to middle-America. Not letting insurabce companies come up with after-the-fact reasons to cancel policies: body slam to the workers.

Not only that, they are going to burden small business with tax-credits. It’s almost criminal. The only way to get America back on it’s feet is to raise executive salaries and remove financial regulations. Thank god we have filibuster or a group of 51 Senators could simply decide by themselves what bills are going to pass.

And now for a post with equivalent factual content:

Republicans eat babies with a side of puppy.

It’s good of you to be so candid, but the Op question was what Pelosi meant by it. :slight_smile:

This is my reading, as well. (In a GQ sort of sense.)

I’d interpret it as meaning “we keep changing things to get necessary votes, so even we won’t know for sure what’s in it until it passes.”