Penalties in MLB

I am hearing a lot about a possible implementation of a pitch clock in the MLB.

However I haven’t heard anyone say what the consequence would be for a violation.

I’m also struggling to think how a baseball team would be penalized. It seems like adding or subtracting points would be too severe as baseball is generally low scoring. Added strikes? Outs?

In most cases where one is used, a pitch clock violation results in a ball. (ETA: Or strike, if the violation is on the batter)

I think it would be adding balls to the pitch count, rather than anything larger than that. But it won’t be implemented this season regardless.

Yes. Cite: Wikipedia

It should be fifteen yards, just like the big penalties in football. The pitcher should have to throw from a spot near second base for the rest of the inning; if it’s the batter who takes too much time, he should have to bat 15 feet 6 inches away from the pitching rubber.

Or, as in hockey: two minutes in the Sin Bin

That will just cause more penalties!

The Big 12 is using a 15-second pitch clock in conference play this season. The way I am reading the rule, if the time runs out, it is a ball unless the batter was not in either batter’s box, and the pitcher was on the rubber, when the clocked reached 5, in which case it is a strike. (If neither one is in position, it is a ball.)