"Penalty Shootouts" in NFL (and NBA)

In both leagues there is no system like football (soccer) or hockey have of the shootout.
Rugby union has a shootout system that is rarely used.
What would be possible options?

In the NBA you could have a free-throw-out, going one by one with the 5 players from each team.
I can’t think of similar system for the NFL, where one player alone does it all.
Shootout a la rugby union?

Ties in the NFL are relatively rare and, when they do occur, they introduce a very interesting dynamic in the standings.

However, college football has something akin to what you are talking about. If regulation ends in a tie, they have overtime. A coin is flipped to see who has the ball first. That team starts from the opponents 25 yard line with a first down, and has an opportunity to score a touchdown or at least a field goal. If they do, the other team has an opportunity to match or surpass that. In the case of the latter, they win. In the case of the former, a second overtime is played and so on.

To prevent these overtimes from going on forever, teams have to go for the 2-point conversion after the 3rd overtime.

Seems unnecessary for basketball. Unlike hockey or soccer, it’s an offense-dominated game; sooner or later someone is going to come out on top when the clock hits all zeroes. If anything I would just start reducing the length of Overtime: it’s currently unlimited 5-minute periods, but I would remove a minute each subsequent necessary OT until it’s just 1 minute.

Texas A&M/LSU got to 7OT a few weeks ago. The linemen were almost dead.

I coach middle school JV basketball. We do a free throw shootout of our 5 on the floor at the end of regulation. Home shoots 5, then visitor shoots 5. Then one to one.

They should play H-O-R-S-E.

The point is to clear the court fast. We do 6 games in 6 hours. I can’t recall one that’s ever gone past 7 shots.

This would actually be fun to watch.

In the NFL, you could have a field goal kick competition–each team would select 5 players to do a soccer-style shootout of field goals from, say, 30 yards. It could be done from a tee, with no defenders. The placekickers would have no problem at this distance, but I don’t think an offensive tackle would perform so well.

Or how about a press-your-luck bidding game just between the placekickers?

A: “I can hit a field goal from 50 yards.”
B: “I can hit one from 55.”
A: “I can do 58.”
B: “61.”
A: “Do it!”

B misses, A gets to try. A makes it, his team wins.

If B makes it, A has to match it, or his team loses.

If they both miss, start completely over. If they both hit, also start over, but bidding starts at that spot (61).

Might not shorten the extra time, in fact I could see it potentially going on for a while, but it would sure be fun.

I don’t really see the point of the bidding if both have to take the kick anyway. Why not just start at the 50 and keep moving 5 yards back until someone misses or something similar.

In shows like “Name That Tune” the person who bid last had to name the correct song in the number of notes they bid, or they lost. There’s really nothing at stake if both sides have to attempt the bid.

Even worse is having a hard fought game decided by friggin’ kickers.

How about you line a QB and a skill player v 2 defensive players at let’s say the 15 yard line. The defensive players are not allowed to cross the line of scrimmage. The QB either elects to pass or run the ball himself. It’s either a touchdown or fail best of 3 then sudden death.
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At the end of regulation, bring on the wives.

Concept only; I’ll work out the details once the league ponies up some cash.

I like one single overtime period. If no one’s ahead, it’s a tie. Tie games don’t bother me. It’s like a piece of life, you know? Sometimes it’s a tie and it worked out evenly on both sides. Rare, but not a problem. We’ll do one overtime session just to see if this really is a tie; if it is, “that’s the way she goes.”

Rugby shootout.