Penetrating insights regarding the Queen of England getting hot, buttery loving from

I would hope none of you actually entered this thread with the idea of finding anything remotely serious, real, or intelligent.

I only did this as a result of this thread

The overall results of this? 1. I am apparently an idiot
2. When I make something up in a thread, I need to be ready to actually do it
3. I am a sucker for a dare
4. I actually had fun doing this.

I will now sit idly by and be thrilled as this thread title quickly fades to the nether regions of this board.

  1. I have learned a lesson regarding the maximum length of a thread title.

The whole thing should have read “Penetrating insights regarding the Queen of England getting hot, buttery loving from naked, sweaty gerbils.”

I really need this day to end. I fear whatever minimal reputation I have developed at this board is now full of more holes than a squicking convention.

You know the best thing about this is that the way the title’s set up on the forum screen, it looks like “Penetrating insights regarding the Queen of England getting hot, buttery love from Mullinator”.

Mully, forget your reputation and get back over into the Female Newbie exams thread. We need someone to give ultress an exam. :wink:


You’re just TRYING to embarrass poor Prince William on his 18th birthday, now aren’t you? It would serve you right if the Queen Mum hobbled over and whacked you with her little handbag.

Now, if you want to start a thread about Dylan McDermott getting hot, buttery loving from naked,sweaty gerbils . . .


Mully, may I please have permission to use this as my new sig?

There you go, Mully, Eve has (inadvertantly, I think :)) suggested a sub-subject for this thread…

Who would you like to see in this subject line:

"_______________________getting hot, buttery loving from naked, sweaty gerbils."

Mmmmmm. Hot, buttered gerbils.

Have a blast with it Mr. Cynical. It would be quite the honor.

As a completely unrelated sidetrack…

Used to have a boss that got so drunk drinking buttery nipples that you could get away with anything. It was cool.

Yeah, I was a waitress. In a bar. That’s why my boss was getting drunk…

You are definitely beyond all levels of hope, Mullinator

Thank you ever so much, Mullinator. I hereby elevate you to the 3rd person.

The Mullinator is a good guy. Remember that, folks.

Mully, I love you. And not just because you’re tall.

Now post the squicking thread so I can see what the Hell y’all are talking about.

“Gerbils here! Get your hot buttered gerbils here! By appointment to Her Majesty! Gerbils here! White or dark!”

CanthearyaThis thread contains a link to the wonderful world of squicking.


Mully, in the thread you link to in the OP you say, “When that [opening a thread with all the words currently in the title of your current thread] happens, feel free to assume I am beyond all levels of hope”

Welcome to the world of being beyond all levels of hope Mully. I’ve been here for quite some time and I’m beginning to like it. You’ll find many advatages to being beyond all levels of hope, the greatest of which are the lowered expections of you. You may now go through life, barely scraping the bottom of mediocrity, but because everyine has such low expectations of your skills, they will treat you as if you’ve just scaled Everest.

Why just this morning I received a standing ovation for being able to tie my own show.

It’s deeply insulting that you should refer to our Queen in this way.

It should be, “Penetrating insights regarding Her Majesty the Queen of England getting hot, buttery loving from naked, sweaty gerbils”.


“Whadaya say, Guv, i’s QE2 bein’ shagged by a load o’ wicked gerbils!”

“That’s no ordinary gerbil. That’s the most fearsome rodent you ever set eyes on!”

You spelled almost all of those words correctly. Nice job BratMan. You get a gold star, except I seem to have misplaced them. Also, I am too lazy to moisten the back of it and stick it on your forehead.

I don’t think gerbils sweat.

Then again, I have no data on gerbils involved in hot buttery loving with Her Majesty the Queen. Come to think of it, I have no data on gerbils, period.