penguin ranching

So what do you all think? is this too graphic?

I did the page myself, but the use of guts might be over the top, feedback is welcome.

I wasn’t aware that birds gave milk. Thanks for the heads up!

This is great, now somebody needs to start a chain email about this site, calling for action against the inhumane penguin ranchers.

blinks Whoa… I didn’t know people did that there! I should talk to my Mom more about out East!

That site has to be phoney.

[sub]isn’t it?[/sub]

Nice webpage, who is your webhost, P.E.T.A.?
One small nitpick.
Penguins are not mammals.
Except for the duckbilled platypus,all egglayers are nonmammals and don’t produce milk to nurse their young.


Uhh, never mind. I just now comprehend the posts above mine.


At least they don’t have to worry about them flying away.

I think the guts are too much. :frowning:

Umm. . .
I think I might be being whooshed. If this is an anti-ranching site, you’ve done a pretty good job, because I am now appropriately disturbed. If you are actually doing this FOR a ranch. . . well.

Anyone want a little whoosh sauce with their penguin steaks?