Penn & Teller: Fool Us, season 9

I didn’t find a thread for the young season yet, 3 episodes in. Anybody else still watching?

I was surprised Helen Coghlan scored yet another FU trophy. The milk-into-the-empty-tube bit seemed rather pedestrian to me. I’m picturing some sort of pouch or bladder that folds up into the side of the tube; not that baffling.

But wasn’t the rod through the glass of milk trick the exact same trick she’d already fooled them with, just with a differently shaped glass? Granted, I have no idea how it was done, but what the heck? We saw that one already.

Season 9, Episode 4.

Does anyone even have any idea as to how Dani Daortiz did that trick??? It was astonishing, and I feel a little ripped off that P&T didn’t even try to guess.

If there was no tricky editing, that might have been the most amazing trick I’ve ever seen. He chose the card before Alyson even said what it was. How?