Pennsylvania Lt. Gov crashes military funeral, criticizes war


Now, I would hope that someone well-versed in politics as to be Lt. Gov would not be so undiplomatic as to tell a grieving family member of a slain Marine that “our government is against this war” at the funeral but one of the family members claims to still have the business card that she was passing out. This makes me believe if she did one, she may have also said the other.

Any more info about this? Is Knoll really that dense? Exactly what did she think she would accomplish?

Well, if she made the political statement, then she was insensitive and stupid.

But i don’t know why there’s any necessary connection between that and the handing out of a business card. As the PA Governenr said in this article:

I don’t think that’s an unreasonable explanation.

At a funeral? Granted, I don’t know the context, but the Goodrich family member didn’t mention that Knoll gave out the business card in the sense of “if you need any help call me.” And why mention the opposition to the war?

Doesn’t mean it’s an implausible explanation. I passed no judgement on whether it was actually what happened, only that the explanation seemed reasonable, and that i don’t think there’s any necessary connection between handing out the card and talking about opposition to the war.

Well, i’ve already said in response to your OP that i think mentioning the opposition to the war was “insensitive and stupid.” Your asking the same question again isn’t going to elicit a different response from me.

I didn’t know this thread was open, and it seemed a GD item anyway.

GD thread, same topic.

Knoll’s acted oddly since becoming Lt. Gov (for example, calling Ed Rendell Edward G. Robinson). This article mentions some of it (scroll down), as well as rumors that she will be dumped by Rendell.

sigh. Why are so many Democrats doing stupid things at a time when so many Republican shenanigans are geting publicity. Listen you idiots. Stay home, shut up, and let the media lynching of the republicans continue.

Sheesh. Another one I don’t want on my side.

She’s apologized, although I found this

a bit convoluted.

With any luck we’ll dump Rendell while we’re at it.

Who do you want instead of Rendell?

Isn’t that more or less the same thing as “I’m sorry you got upset when I called you an idiot.”

I was trying to figure that out myself. Is it a non-apology apology, “I’m sorry that you were offended?” Or is it just a badly written attempt at a sincere apology for upsetting someone?

Someone who won’t raise my taxes, sign off on massive pay raises for legislators, concieve of gambling as the solution to the taxes that he himself has caused to raise, and most importantly cares about somewhere other than Philadelphia.

Hearing the story on NPR this morning made me cringe at being a resident of PA. :shaking head smiley: What an idjit.