Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana?

I visited a gardener last weekend. He now packages his produce in heat-sealed bags, with nice labels. I asked about this and he told me he was preparing for our state’s medical cannabis law. I pointed out that bills have been introduced before but never passed. He implied that he has inside information and the bill will pass soon.

So . . . anyone privy to any “inside info” on this topic?

I haven’t been paying too much attention but I thought the current attempt only involved the use of an oil extracted from the plant and not the plant itself. Also, Corbett’s been pretty adamant that he’d veto the bill anyway.

Hmm. This guy sure seemed confident. He is investing some bucks in his setup, I thought maybe I missed something.:frowning:

From what I’ve heard from talk radio and whatnot, it seems like the legislature might be ready to pass it but that the governor will never sign it. But given that he’s just one man, maybe he is persuadable.

Glancing through the bill, I was wrong about it being extract only. It appears to be pretty far-reaching, including licensing farms to grow it. So if it weren’t for Corbett, I’d think the gardener wasn’t out of line.

Dunno about PA government, but wouldn’t the state congress be able to overrule a veto with something like a 2/3 vote?

My take on pot is that a huge portion of the population wants it legalized for a variety of reasons, but it’s a controversial and potentially tricky undertaking. Washington and Colorado have not descended into anarchy since officially not giving a damn about it over a year ago, and actually selling the stuff in stores for a couple months. Now that the bandwagon is moving, it will take increasingly less courage to jump on it. In fact, those who wait longest will reap the least profit–economic as well as political. If my first assumption is true, maybe all your friend needs to know is that 70% of the state’s congress is leaning toward legalization, governor be damned.

Well, maybe it would be prudent to send NORML a check. Again.

Eh, heat sealing and labeling is cheap - you can get heat seal units as low tech as a daisy seal a meal, and print labels on any printer - Avery makes all sizes and shapes of labels cheaply. I know of sourcing for medical bottles ranging from cheap plastic through rather nice glass in a range of sizes and colors. [My friend Auntie Arwen sells culinary herbs and herbal blends and has done a fair amount of research into what is available.] You can get heat seal bottle neck shrinkwraps in all sorts of colors as well. Presenting a professional appearance productwise is actually fairly easy. back in the early 80s a friend of mine sealed his bags with a little owl ‘wax’ seal stamp and offered a small discount if you handed it back as sort of a frequent flier discount.

The sealed, labeled packaging was what initially caught my eye. He also upgraded his lighting from 600 Watt fixtures to 1,000 Watts, and he put in new flooring.

Man, I hope he is right.

Are you serious? They pass this right after they sell off the state stores. :rolleyes:

For those lucky enough to NOT live in PA, we haven’t fully ended Prohibition yet. Wine & hard liquor can only be purchased from a state-owned monopoly store. If they don’t sell the specific bottle that you want, you can’t legally drink it in PA. In fact they just brought charges against a lawyer who was bootlegging wine bottles that the state didn’t even offer.
Beer purchasing is even crazier!

Well, there is an election this year…

As bad as PA is, there have been improvements. You can legally buy a corkscrew in a state liquor store, for instance. A few years ago that wasn’t the case. You can buy growlers of draft beer today, not so 5 years ago. But yeah.

As a general rule, you should never put too much stock in one person’s zeal for making money quickly. I’m sure if he’s investing money he believes in his prediction, but there’s no reason to think his source is any better than yours. Maybe some other random person told him and he saw dollar signs, wasn’t skeptical enough to check it out, and started investing in equipment. Individually, people make horrible financial decisions.

Wishful thinking on my part.

This reminds me of something I realized the other day. There was a new Sheetz built in Cranberry last year. It has a ridiculous amount of cooler space along the walls. There’s a door I hadn’t noticed before that’s between a couple of the coolers and takes you into a “soda cave.” I thought that was ridiculous because what do you need a soda cave for when you have 50 feet of coolers that are mostly full of soda, anyway? But of course the store was built assuming that the liquor and beer laws would be relaxed.

I feel bad for any business that’s relying on the PA government to pass a bill.

I’ve signed the Sheetz petition. Maybe one day. I can buy beer at my local grocery store (Giant Eagle), something that I never though I’d live to see.

I contacted PA Senator Jim Ferlo about Marijuana. I’ve also twisted the arms of many of my friends to do the same. I assume this is a canned reply, but hey.

And don’t forget to write your congresspersons.

Actually it seems that Pennsylvania is in a good position to legalize herb. I don’t get all the hate for the State Stores, at all. It seems it would be fairly easy to carry marijuana there and the system is already in place. Pennsylvania ranks seventh for underage drinking, that is to say, they have the seventh lowest rate. So something must be going right with the alcohol here. State stores are not terribly inconvenient and I don’t know about it being illegal to drink something they don’t carry. I have, personally, gone to my local Wine and Spirits Shoppe and had them special order something for me. Sell it at the State Stores and lets not bother with all this “medical” malarkey.

/Not that some people don’t use it for medical reasons, I’m sure some do. However, I have a number of friends who have gotten California cards for the most dubious of reasons. I find it insulting when they tell me they really need it for their 'affliction". If I’ve known you twenty years and you’ve been smoking all along, please don’t bs me/rant