Pennsylvania speed limit signs law.

There is a stretch of road that starts at a mall/store thing the speed limit is posted at 45mph, then it says “End 45mph” about a mile down the road, then no other speed limit signs for 4 miles. Then it says “25 mph” speed limit.
My question is, what is the speed limit between the “End 45 mph” and the “25 mph” this isn’t a residential, windy, etc road just a normal 2 lane route.

I’m not sure about Pennsylvania, but in Wisconsin, every highway is 55MPH.

Major nitpick, that should be every highway that does not have a posted speed limit. There are plenty of highways in Wisconsin with speed limits as low as 25mph.

Right, in residential, commercial, industrial areas etc. RyJae said that this road is not residential, windy, etc. When the highways are not that in Wisconsin, the speed limit is 55.

The second sign is just a protest sign.

I can’t speak to that state, but in California, it would be whatever speed is reasonable under the circumstances but not exceeding 65 MPH.


In other words, if it’s not posted, drivers are supposed to know the maximum (unposted) speed limits. IIRC, every driver’s exam I’ve taken has included at least one question to that effect.

On two-lane (one each direction) roads in PA, 25 MPH is the ‘default’ speed limit.

I’m guessing that you were on a two-lane road where it was posted as 45 mph ( a typcial rural road in NJ or PA, etc) as an exception. The sign ‘end 45’ is to remind you that you are back to the 25 MPH default for all roads ahead unless posted otherwise (including if you were to turn onto another street, which may or may nat have 25 MPH posted).

I figure if they are putting up a sign to say end of speed zone, they could have put up a speed limit sign and made things 100% clear. Call up you county and tell them they are being ambiguous, and need to put up a speed limit sign.

That would make sense except for the one sign I forgot to tell you about, its a caution sign that a connecting road is coming up with a recommended speed of 40.
No one I know has had problems on that stretch of road with law enforcement and most go 45-55 the whole way until the posted 25 begins. But it has led to friendly disagreements where **I ** think the speed limit is meant to be 25 or 35 (default), and others say 55. Though I travel 55 :smack: on it.

As near as I can tell, the average speed on PA highways is roughly “as fast as I can go without hitting anyone”.

I keed, but folks speed here A LOT.

On 28, going into and out of Pittsburgh for work, the posted speed limit is 55, and most folks seem to do 70. Weird.

There were several things I hated about driving in PA, and the lack of adequate signage was near the top. For what it’s worth, I asked the locals (they were college students, so probably not the best group to ask) and they all said 55.

I am curious. Does anyone live somewhere that freeway speed limits are observed? I have never lived in such a place. I have only lived in a few cities in the western US but I have driven in a variety of places in the western US and the speed people drive seems to be 10 to 25 over the posted speed.

In these cases traffic engineers and/or traffic departments and/or whoever’s in charge in that area should observe the 85th percentile rule (or sometimes 90th percentile) and change the speed limits accordingly. Sometimes it takes an act of your legislature, such as in Michigan, but as soon as it was authorized the speeds limits on a lot of area freeways was increased.

Also don’t forget the basic speed law that most states have, which pretty much state that it’s okay to go according to conditions. Well, yeah, you’re not supposed to go faster than markings, but in a lot of states freeway speed limits are only prima facie limits. Don’t take that as legal advice to speed, though – you still have to convince the judge (usually non-freeways are absolute limits, so there’s no arguing basic speed law there).

Whatever the PA State Trooper determines at the time he pulls you over?

After the “end of 45 MPH” posting, I would say 55 MPH is your maximum legal speed. Of course, you would have to decelerate to 25 at or before passing the next sign. Ultimately, check MUTCD to determine if the route was properly signed.