Pennsylvania voter ID law struck down

Story. I hope this is the first of many repudiations of the right’s attempts to suppress the vote.

Nice. This pleases me.

Well, its a pretty long opinion. I look forward to Bricker’s case brief explaining the case in light of Crawford.

I hope so too. Hate (fear) is, slowly but surely, being written out of The Law in this country. With the emphasis on slowly. But it’s happening, which is a good thing.

Hooray! Now I can vote early AND often!

Go for it. You’d be the first to do it.

Nah, the GOP has operatives try it all the time. And whether they succeed or not, the GOP then uses the attempts (that they sponsored) to support stricter voter laws. It’s a vicious little circle.

I thought it was mostly done through absentee ballots.

Don’t forget that under some jurisdictions you can vote from the grave too!

Good ruling.

Help me understand this. The state Supreme Court kicked it back to a lower court, which resulted in this ruling. Can it now be appealed back to the state SC?

Ah yes, here in Nevada that’s now known as the “Roxanne Rubin Gambit.”

And what’s really funny about this is that she ended up proving just the opposite of what she set out to prove. She showed that one who attempts multiple voting faces a high probability of being arrested and charged.

I like this quote:

I am NOT happy that our state government is spending Pennsylvanians’ tax dollars to attempt to suppress our vote and mislead us about it, while we supposedly don’t have the money to do things that actually need doing.