Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking

I don’t live in Pennsylvania, in fact, I currently reside on the other side of the nation. But my mother lives there, and I’ve visited the state many times.

But a certain organization in this state has come to my attention: Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking

PAUD preaches rigid, blind adherence to the law. They have even put up a hotline to snitch on others in the event (god forbid!) that a single drop of alcohol touch the tongue of somebody who is under 21.

Their public service ads on their web site are so annoyingly anti-youth that I feel compelled to comment on them:

Nobody will know that you’re call made authorities aware that some of the 20 somethings being served at happy hour were under 21.

Oh, the HORROR! Somebody who is 20 years old is consuming alcohol!


Another one:

On his 18th Birthday Ryan Drank, then later raped his date. You supplied the alcohol.

How about a more realistic ad for people who follow your message, PAUD?

“Ryan, out of his infinite respect for the law, decided to remain a total virgin to alcohol until he was 21. With no prior experience in handling his liquor on his 21st birthday, he went on to rape his date.”

**Your Daughter is 19. Her boyfriend is 21. He brings her flowers, CDs, and Alcohol.

In Pennsylvania, it is against the law for anyone… to give or sell alcohol to minors.**

Right, PAUD. Thank you for the legal advice. Heaven forbid your daughter be corrupted by her older boyfriend giving her alcohol.

Fucking her brains out, on the other hand, is perfectly legal.

**Your son’s best drinking buddy is almost 21.

Almost doesn’t count. If a person’s not 21, they’re not of legal drinking age. Period.**

Thank you once again, PAUD. Now, if you’ll excuse me, let me drive to Canada and get shit faced.

Okay, so maybe they’re a little anal about it, but the last time I checked, being underage and drinking ain’t legal. So why are you acting as if they’re stomping all over some inherent, God-given right to booze it up?

Is the legal drinking age is 18 here in Australia, so I’m curious to know if it’s 21 in all states in the U.S.A.? Also, has there been talk about lowering it at all?

Maybe we should lower the legal drinking age (i.e. 18) and it won’t seem like its “forbidden fruit” and not have as much an interest in drinking something that bitter tasting.

Or, they could all just get pissed drunk and we can let probability sort this stuff out.

America has incredibly assinine and puritanical drinking laws. No drinking until 21. No drinking after X o’clock. Sorry, can’t buy firewater before X on Sundays. WTF is that all about? Our drinking laws are some bizarre holdover from the Prohibitionists.

Fuck that. I grew up drinking wine, and suprise!, I am not an alcholic. Of all the problems that face the world, some kids drinking should be the least of our concerns.

Ooops. That should have read:

The legal drinking age is 18 here in Australia…

I have another question about this topic. Does anyone know if any research or studies have been done into whether the drinking age of 18 or 21 is a better option?

It was made 21 due to the heavy lobbying of Mothers Against Drunk Driving during the 1980s. They managed to get a federal law passed which with holds highway funding from any state that didn’t make their drinking age 21.

Because the 18, 19, and 20 year old crowd doesn’t have a very big lobbying force on their behalf compared to a group of angry mothers, they got screwed.

Yeah, I find the 21-limit pretty weird, too. The attitude around here is much more relaxed, the drinking age is 18 but I’ve never met a soul who didn’t have at least a few drinks in bars before that age. In my experience (and I have no cites to back this up at all) it results in a pretty well-adjusted attitude towards booze. Some people do get really smashed often, but most enjoy drinking fairly moderately, a few times per week.

And going to the US and being refused admission into bars is so weird when I’ve been going regularly for four years now.

You’re old enough to take control of a machine weighing several tons, old enough to get married and make babies, old enough to hunt with a high-powered rifle, old enough to fight and die for your country in the armed forces, but a can of beer will irreperably harm your development.


It’s another case of people determined to inflict their rigid views on everyone. God forbid parents teach their kids that alcohol can be enjoyed responsibly, and in moderation. Gotta have rules, lots of 'em, and they better be strict, by golly. :rolleyes:

Well, I guess it’s changed now, but it used to be in the state of Oklahoma that it was legal for a girl to buy beer at 18, but not to drink it until she was 21. My cousin explained that that was so she could buy it for her MAN. :eek:

Come to New Orleans. The drinking age is enough money to buy whatever you want, the bars and clubs are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, there are drive-through daiquiri shops – yes, mixed drinks to go in paper cups with a straw, with a cap over the straw so you won’t drink it till you get home (riiiiight), and there are no laws against public intoxication, although you CAN get in big trouble if you’re wandering around with a glass bottle (a plastic bottle or cup is okay – you can wander from bar to bar with your beverage of choice!). Okay, so it’s not typical of the US, but we’re not ALL draconian in our thinking.

And I don’t think there are any more young alcoholics here than anywhere else.

raises hand

Actually, I never stepped a foot into a bar until well after my 19th birthday (legal drinking age everywhere else in Canada except Quebec). Mainly because sitting in the middle of a field with a pint of rum and a few friends was a lot cheaper and less hassle…

In othe words, I agree with everyone here. The occasional underage drinking is fine and a learning experience almost every teenager has gone through. Amazingly enough, most turn out to be reasonably decent people.

The rules here in Pennsylvania are a bitch. You’re not allowed to sell between 2 and 7 a.m., and on Sundays that changes to 2 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Also, the state stores aren’t open after 9 p.m. and are only now on a limited basis opening on Sundays, which created a giant shitstorm around here. The beer distributors aren’t open on Sundays at all, so all you can do is buy beer from the bars at a huge markup, and even then you can only carry out two six-packs at a time.

The way around all of this, of course, is to buy it ahead of time so you’re never out. :wink:

[sub]disclaimer: I think all my numbers are right, but if not they’re close and you get the idea anyway.[/sub]

I live in PA and there’s a pretty Draconian view towards alcohol here. Liquor can only be provided by state owned stores. Alcohol can’t be sold in convenience stores or supermarkets. One can’t buy alcohol before noon. Limits on carry-outs. None of that did me any good.

My senior year health teacher fed us a line about humans’ bodies being better adapted for alcohol at 21 rather than 18. Riiight. Can anyone back her up?

Being 20 in the US sucks. So close, yet so far. At least my SO is turning 21 in a few months.

Okay, Anonymous Coward, you’re right. I’ve heard that in Ontario they actually care about drinking age. I was even carded in Toronto! I actually meant Quebec specifically as we are the drinking, smoking, eating, general vice capital of Canada.

That goes quite a long way to explaining why the entire city reeks of urine 365 days a year. It’s an especially pleasant stench during the height of summer.


Go right ahead and get drunk off your ass, but if you do it in the US and you’re under 21 and you get caught, do bitch and moan as if it isn’t fair. You know the law, so be prepared to accept the consequences for breaking said law.

Feh. There was a protest in State College a while ago when the state liquor store there became one of the first few to have Sunday hours. The protestors claimed that it encouraged drunk driving. :rolleyes: Funnily enough, I’ve stopped at the state store on Sundays, and I’ve never driven while under the influence. Guess I’m a statistical fluke.

What if he thinks the law is idiotic and should be changed? What does he do then, just smile politely and accept it?

He writes letters to his representatives suggesting they change it, which is what respsonsible citizens do when they want to see a law repealed or changed.