Penny arcade shocker at Disneyland

That game has been there a lot long then Eisner has worked there. The arcade is full of ‘old fashion’ arcade games. I remember a soccer game with all these mechanical guys that all kicked in unison when you pulled your trigger (or some other mech) It looked like the rockettes.
I think there is a home version called ‘Shaking Hands with Jesus’ but I may be mistaken.

I am going to DL in a few weeks, I wonder if I can smuggle a voltmeter past security?

There used to be the same machine at an old time soda fountain/grill across from the junior high. Put a penny in it, and turn the knobs on the front (looked like door knobs best I can recall) and see how high you could stand it. I wasn’t even in junior high the first time I tried it, and there was a timer or reset or something in it, it didn’t start right up. So I’m turning the knobs back and forth when BAM it kicks in at about 95% power. I lifted the whole thing off the counter, it shocked the crap out of me.

That store closed down years and years ago, and I’ve often wondered what happened to that machine. Like Johnny L.A., I’d like to have it.

I am pretty sure this will be what you are referring to:

That was copied from an auction website that sold lots of refurbished arcade games, if you had known about it in advance you could have plumped up $2800 and had it in your home :slight_smile:

I tried to find some kind of technical information on the machine but to no avail, maybe someone else will have better luck, all I could find out was that it was first made in 1909.

It’s not what you asked for, but if you like games where you get shocked, you might want to check out this article on how to build an Xshok controller. It replaces the rumble motors in a normal Xbox controller with a small pest shocker.

Pictures of a couple old machines here.

A picture and description of the machine at an amusement park here.

Buy one here! No prices, so probably not cheap, but great photos.

More photos.

'Nuff for now. Still can’t find decent technical specs. Sorry.

Some nice looking machines there, Smash Hitler stands out amongst the crowd as being quite a unique item. I wonder what medical evidence they had at the time for the “Improves your health” claim on the front of the electric shock machine.


Sure would be cheaper to just build one. Just need the voltage and amperage, plus an automatic rheostat. I could probably get my gaffer to make it.

How many amps are lethal, anyway?

Apparently it takes approximately 10 amps to kill a male and 9 amps to kill a female. Further explanation can be found here but it basically boils down to men being larger and more muscular than women. Finding a more detailed explanation may be a good idea before you proceed with your project, we wouldn’t want a dead doper on our hands.

Further information on the effects of electricity on the body can be found here

Perhaps the most important things to note from this site are that there is not much of a range between a gentle shock and death so care should be taken, also wet skin can turn a mild effect into “sufficient current to cause ventricular fibrillation”.

I guess the bottom line is proceed with caution. :slight_smile:

I can stick my dick in a light socket and get the same effect for free.

Not that I would, but I could.

Amazing what people will pay for.

Incidentally, if you come over to my apartment, I’ll give you a kick in the ass with a frozen boot. Mondays are $1/kick days, since the whole day is basically one anyway.

do you feel the power of the lord?!?! Zappp!!!

I believe FriarTed’s talking about an electrotherapeutic-type device invented by Nikola Tesla - he tried it out on his good friend Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain, and discovered it was also an effective, er, laxative. Hopefully the arcade shocker doesn’t share this feature. :smiley:

You’ll kill a fucking elephant with 10 amps. :eek: It only takes 10 milliamps to kill a human being.

As for building a shocking device, we used to use a tool called a** megger** to check for grounds and shorts in motors on board ship. You connect the 2 leads to the windings and crank the handle to generate a current. We always had a lot of fun asking some unsuspecting shipmate to hold the leads and give that crank a good spin. Woohoo! Watch 'em jump!

Not sure if Johnny L.A. has satisfied his desire for a shocker device in the past nine years (!), but here’s my contribution.

I wouldn’t even mess with an ignition coil from a car or anything like that. I think it would be far more powerful than you want.

I managed to get myself in trouble in 7th grade by building a simple device that would do what you describe. I bought a big relay at Radio Shack and wired it up with several D cells as a buzzer (use the relay normally-closed contacts in the circuit to the coil). Then, I hooked up two leads to the terminals of the relay’s coil and hooked them to a couple of big bolts.

It was great fun, making a circle of kids holding hands, turning on the juice and feeling the power going through everyone. It was a bit of a job to hold onto both electrodes by yourself, and it would make your muscles all tighten up and twist your wrists inward.

Needless to say, that fun lasted about two days before I ended up in the principal’s office, with the device sitting on his desk.

Still don’t have one. I’ve posted in Marketplace in case anyone wants to build one for me.

Here’s the thing: The device doesn’t just deliver a jolt, or a constant current. It delivers nothing at the start, and the current builds until you can’t hold on any longer or it reaches its maximum limit and cuts off (so as to not kill anyone).

The bigger question is will Shockaholic ever post again? Revived this and another Johnny LA thread from 2005 about the same shocking game to post a snarky comment. That’s ingenuity and dedication there.

Hey. There’s small kids using that machine. :wink: I was probably about eight the one time that I tried it. I squeezed the handles until I couldn’t make myself continue, but when I let go, my hands wouldn’t come away. My fingers wouldn’t uncurl. Fortunately, once I wasn’t squeezing, the effect was lighter, so it wasn’t a problem to ride it out.

It was a simple test. They wrote the claim on the machine. People gave them money. Hypothesis proved.

Not to be a troll, especially considering this is also a zombie, but I visited Disney World, the one in Florida, the second year it opened and I remember my older brother telling me about using said penny arcade ‘shock’ machine. I was only about six years old so when I went to the arcade with my dad and wanted to try it too he just said “No way”.

Anyway, this was in 1971 or so, so I simply, utterly, totally refuse to believe that any such electrical device would be legal in the US at that time. Nor that Disney World *especially *would allow one on their premises. The knobs simply vibrated, there was no electricity involved at all. They vibrated extremely rapidly, more & more, and the sensation simply feels exactly similar to being shocked (numbness, muscle spasms, pain etc.) but without any of the real potential danger from electricity. IOW it was just a parlor trick…

Sorry, Hail Ants; as I said nine years ago, I know the difference between electricity and vibrations. The machine at Disneyland does (last time I was there) deliver an electrical current. pictures have been posted in this thread. You can find videos of such machines online. And if you get three people holding hands, with each person on the end taking one handle, the one in the middle feels the shock. That wouldn’t happen with a vibrator.