Penpals in the Military

Does anyone know of an organization that matches US Military personnel who have no one to write to/write to them with penpals back home? I have Googled, but all the sites that I have found seem to be out-of-date. I remember doing this in school during the Gulf War and would like to do it again.

Was it perhaps through the American Red Cross?

The Adopt a Platoon group matches soldiers with people who send them “care packs.” They also match single soldiers with pen pals. I’ve not been to their site in awhile, though you could probably find it on Goggle.

Thank you. It might’ve been through the Red Cross. I don’t remember, honestly. I will check out the Adopt A Platoon, too.

Here you go:

Operation Military Support


hyperjes, check out my post here. I’ve linked to many organizations that will match you with a pen pal, or can arrange to have a care package sent for you. There’s also a place to e-mail soldiers.

Hope that helps.