Pens with erasers

Why? Most pens don’t have them, but some of them do. Like I am really going to be able to erase my errors. THe only thing I can think of is that it’s done for cosmetic purposes. Somehow making a pen look like a pencil adds dignity to a pen. Tell me.

Why don’t you just buy one and try it? They actually work fairly well.

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Some pens are filled with an ink that can be erased.

I remember when Papermate introduced the erasable pen - I think it was the early '80s. They made a big fuss about how they could be used to alter checks. I wonder if anything ever came from that concern - I know checks now have “erase protection” (amongst other features), but don’t know if that was a direct response to this concern.

But yes, erasable pens work just fine, thanks. Haven’t used one in ages, however…

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Wierd - using one now.

I apologize everyone - forgot to respond to something Satan wrote.

As far as them being able to be used to alter checks, the ink stops becoming “erasable” after a certain time; iow, you can’t completely “erase” it - there’s still an imprint of what was there before.

I am not making any sense.

What I’m trying to say is that it does erase, but it doesn’t work like a pencil does. It comes close if you erase it immediately after you make the mistake, but the longer you wait, the less effective the “erasure” is.

Christ - does anyone have ANY idea what I’m trying to say???

IIRC the ink in the “eraseable” pens is similar to glue or rubber cement. When you first write with it the “glue” is still wet and the ink is eraseable. After a while, the glue dries and the ink can’t be erased anymore. (At least, not without obvious erasures and abrasions on the paper.)

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The thing is, there are two types of pens with erasers.

One is the aforementioned eraseable pen, which actually works.

The other has a different type of eraser. This eraser has a somewhat gritty, sandy consistency, and only works if you manage to rub off most of the paper that the ink was written on.

I think the OP was referring to the latter type of pen, but I’m not certain.

Denatured alcohol which is really cheap, cleans vcr heads, audio heads, etc, takes ink off anything! Youll see tv news spots about people soaking a check in something to take the ink off. That’s what it is but don’t tell any one.

wouldn’t that take off the printed info, too? Stuff like the bank name and account number?


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I’ve used erasable pens. I don’t like the quality of the ink.

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A ring of theives who stole mail from street boxes were just arraigned here.

They managed to “wash” nearly 100 checks, forge them and pass them off at various locations using fake ID.

Apparently the bank imprinting was not effected as the victims accounts came up short.

The powers that be are recommending we now deposit any mail with a check in it in a central collection box. Or just hand it to the carrier when they arrive.

Aint modern life shitty?

Make that “affected”

Does anyone know how to keep those two words straight?

We now return you to your discussion of ink.

The #1 purpose of erasable pens: For students writing essays for anal teachers who demand that the essays be:

  1. Hand written;
  2. In ink; and,
  3. Without errors (no cross-outs).

Once the word processor landed on my desk, the erasable pen was relegated to test taking. Once I got to grad school, the teachers stopped being anal about the cross-outs and I stopped using erasable pens.


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Cessandra, oh I don’t think that checks are printed with ink, something else as its not affected. Like US dollars, dip them in bleach & the ink or whatever on them aren’t affected.

My bank told me they don’t accept burned [kinda left it in the oven once, but not the ash kind of burn] money anymore. But I soaked it in bleach and it took out the brown burn tone & they gave me a new one. The bleach did not affect the ink on it.

Why the hell we’re you putting cash in the oven anyway? Trying to hide it from the washer and dryer?

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.