Pentagon cancels The Abu Zarqawi Hour

Another reality show bites the dust.


I know. I loved this show, especially the part when Donna broke up with Eric.

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for the SDMB

Hey! No spoilers. I still have it Tivo’ed and haven’t watchd it yet. Sheeesh…

Sorry about that. Here’s a link to the story

I pit you for opening this thread for that stupid article.


Yeah, just linking someone else’s article isn’t bringing anything to the table. If you’re gonna pit something, at least offer your own comments on the subject.

Oh, an include a “fuck” or three.

Ho-Lee-Shit. You ganked some dipshit’s blog? Enough that it was stupid and not funny to begin with, but that’s it someone else’s stupid and not funny…

I dunno, I liked it. “Mr. Zarqawi was unavailable for comment.” Delightful.

All right, then. I pit this g-d-damned Administration for totally annihilating my last shred of trust in my government, and in the media. Is Zarqawi dead? Was he ever alive to begin with? Isn’t it convenient that his death takes the media attention off whatever total fuckup happened in Haditha? Just like I thought it was so convenient that Zarquawi himself beheaded an American just as the moral outrage for Abu Gharib were picking up some traction in America?
I’m sick to death of thinking that my government is just acting out some huge ‘Wag the Dog’ show on a world-wide stage, with 500lb bombs as special effects.

Happy now?

Much better. I score quite highly on the emotional outrage there, some nice allusions. Scores a bit high on the parnoia to be truly a classic, but should generate a good few responses. Overall, i would give it a 6 maybe a 7 if it garners some good rants as replies. Well done.

Ah. Two questions, then:

Doesn’t the man we killed have two legs?

Why didn’t we take care of business three years ago?

I don’t think we’re doing some totally artificial wag the dog thing; too many people would have to be in on it, and secrets like that are hard to keep. Remember Watergate? Still, it’s hard to join in the celebration of Zaqwhatever’s death knowing that none of the evil shit he did since 2003 had to happen.

If you mail a letter, do you trust that it will end up where you sent it?

Are you implying that he was actually a zombie terrorist? Also, his name last name is al-Zarqawi.

I can see where there seems to be instances of coincidence withing a writhing clusterfuck, but it implies that we keep jaw dropping political and media tricks up our collective sleeves to cover up procedural errors on a whim. This may be the height of paranoid conspiracy fantasy.

Then stop, because they aren’t. Even if the desire was there, the ability isn’t.

Actually yeah, thanks. I feel much better now.

Not to hijack the thread, but is Osama’s Show going to come back?

I think there are plenty of them in this thread already.

In this case, paranoia might be justified.

As Vanity Fair writer James Wolcott aptly put it, “the Jordanians practically tore their rotator cuffs clueing us in to his whereabouts.”

And then there’s the degree to which his notoriety was an American creation in the first place:

In general, much that would have been paranoid nonsense five years ago is old news now. The degree to which this Administration is willing to use techniques that are still called ‘torture’ by most, the existence of an extensive prison system around the world where such techniques are practiced, the degree of surveillance of Americans, the holding of people, both foreign and domestic, for years without charges, the outright lies about this war, both before and during, the apparent hijacking of U.S. foreign policy by a group called PNAC…if one isn’t paranoid by pre-9/11 standards, then one isn’t paying attention. This Administration has moved the bar a considerable distance.

I seem to be missing the part of the article in which the Administration claimed he had his leg amputated.

Try this one: